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imaginginfo and Kodak Close-Ups Present Podcast on How-To Shoot Fashion and Lingerie

Click on the link below for an exclusive and Kodak Close-Up podcast presentation with fashion and lingerie photographer Amy Postle.

Postle pushes the boundaries of her art by evoking passion, beauty and emotion with color and black and white films.

She still enjoys processing her own film in a darkroom, but has begun to dabble in digital as well. Clients include Bloomingdales, Sephoria and Woman's World magazine.

"A beautiful woman in lingerie," says Postle. "How can you really mess that up?"

She adds: "But I think being able to evoke something else from them that's not only a feeling of comfort, but a feeling of them being confident... feeling great, not just because they are a lingerie model, but because they are an amazing woman."

Learn more at below link to podcast: