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Tips from Photographers on Looking Good in Photos
Make portraits sing

Sep. 30--Mirror, mirror on the wall, why do we look fine in your reflection, but once someone takes a picture, we look completely different and no one told us how our hair looked in the back and that our middles have gotten thicker and all?

Seriously, what gives?

"When you look in the mirror, you don't see what everybody sees," says Brenda Schubert, owner of The Studio Photography.

So what does everyone see? Look at your pictures.

"Pictures tell the truth," agrees Liessa Clary, owner of 724 Photography Studio.

Ugh. So, to help you bypass that lying mirror, here are a few tips on looking better in photos.

First, and most ideally, work with a professional photographer.

They know what they're doing.

"Everyone has great things about them," Ms. Clary says. "And a good photographer will take the time to find those out."

However, since most of us don't have professional photographers in our lives, there are a few simple things to do so you can look better in those snapshots.

For instance, Ms. Clary recommends finding photos that you do look good in, and study why they work. Is your head turned the same way in all? How's the lighting? And the angles?

Figure out what works for you, she suggests, and see if you can't work it again.

Do you look better when you smile or don't smile? Some people can pull the serious look off, Ms. Schubert says, so try the look out in photos to see if you're one of them.

And, recommends, if you're not enamored with your teeth or your toothy grin, try giving the camera a coy Mona Lisa smile. That way, at least, people won't think you're always angry (see Victoria Beckham.)

If you're heavy, Ms. Schubert says, wear dark colors and avoid patterns.

If you have a large nose, don't go for the profile. And if you have a double chin, she says, tilt your chin up a little. Even skinny people need this one, says.

If you're wearing glasses, however, Ms. Schubert recommends tilting your chin down a little to avoid lens glare.

A few other eHow tips: Turn your gaze to the side of the lens a little to avoid red-eye.

Put your shoulders back and stand tall.

And, they recommend, think of something happy.

You don't want to go from looking bad in your photos to looking stiff.

Finally, why not steal an idea from the girls on "America's Next Top Model," and practice striking your poses in the mirror. You'll probably feel stupid and it might take you awhile.

But don't worry.

The mirror, it turns out, will never tell.