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SellFolio Allows Photographers to Create Portfolio Websites, CDs to Display Work, Projects and Spaces

May 8, 2007, Lake Forest, IL- SellFolio LLC is proud to announce the release of its blockbuster new product, SellFolio 4.0 for Windows Vista and Windows XP. In development for over a year, SellFolio 4.0 helps photographers create portfolio websites & CDs to show their work, projects & space -without programming. In keeping with SellFolio's high standards, SellFolio 4.0 'SellFolios' look better than anything else. Also, anyone can use SellFolio 4.0, because SellFolio's step-by-step interface is so easy, a novice could use it. SellFolio ships in three editions: SellFolio 4.0 Basic, SellFolio 4.0 Client Projects, and SellFolio 4.0 Complete.


The new version creates output that looks like an expensive Flash custom design-the kind that usually costs photographers thousands of dollars. Now photographers can generate professional-grade portfolio websites & CDs quickly and economically. Every SellFolio can include an animated Flash Introduction, a Main Menu, Image Modules, Quick-Info(TM) pages and a Contact page. Plus, SellFolio 4.0 Complete users can create File Launch Modules and Weblink Modules to integrate additional rich media, like video or .PDF documents in an all-new Live Layout(TM) environment. All users can upload their work to the Web, burn it to CD, or email the link to their contact list regardless of which SellFolio edition they use. Because SellFolio is Flash-based, no special players must be downloaded or installed on the viewer's system.

According to Russ McNeilly, SellFolio LLC VP of Marketing, "SellFolio 4.0 offers not only stunning looks and high-level customization, but we have also been working hard to give our customers what they want, delivered the way they want, at the price they want!"

Inexpensive and profitable

All three SellFolio editions feature one-time pricing, instead of the monthly or annual 'software as a service' fees that turn-off so many photographers. SellFolio creation is done on the desktop, rather than over the Internet. Therefore, SellFolio 4.0 handles professional graphics beautifully without the disconnects and limitations some people may experience with web-based presentation and website services. With each SellFolio edition, a user can make as many SellFolio presentations as they like, with as many photos as they like.

Photographers can easily make money with SellFolio 4.0 Client Projects or SellFolio 4.0 Complete. Using the product as a profit center, they can create rich-media 'SellFolios' for clients' events and special market segments. SellFolio 4.0 Basic users are only licensed to make presentations to promote their own business.

For every user, SellFolio offers other money-saving benefits. Many photographers want to keep their portfolio websites & CDs work in-house, to avoid paying fees each time they make a change. SellFolio 4.0 lets users make their own changes so they can easily have identical updatable content on Web, CD and laptop, and helping ensure a consistent message. Also, because many photographers already have spent money on hosting, they can use their hosting, or they can use SellFolio's one-button upload hosting.

How some photographers use SellFolio

- Create websites

- Autorun Promotional CDs

- Video browsers

- Deliver sales training & materials to field and customers

- Virtual tours

- Digital business cards

- Electronic catalogs

- Creative portfolios

- Recruiting & Membership promotion

- CD/installation browsers

Each SellFolio edition comes with professionally designed Flash templates with built-in special effects. Now, SellFolio 4.0 Complete users can customize the templates, or create new projects from scratch with Live Layout. In Live Layout mode, users can move, resize, and colorize objects, select fonts, and add buttons, photos, .SWF files, video, text and sound -- all without Flash programming. In fact, Flash developers who have tried the Beta version love the power and speed that SellFolio 4.0 Complete offers. More advanced features allow SellFolio 4.0 Complete users to easily link to an online store or shopping cart or even a specific item in a store. New interactive hotspots also allow for more creativity with a variety of uses.

According to Steve McNeilly, SellFolio LLC VP of Technology, "We've listened long and hard to our customers, and they've told us that they've finally got the product of their dreams. That's exactly what we're after."

Editions, licensing, pricing & availability

SellFolio 4.0 Basic, $49.99 licensed for one user to promote one enterprise SellFolio 4.0 Client Projects, $199.00 licensed for one user to promote many enterprises (e.g.: home listings, clients, etc.) SellFolio 4.0 Complete, $369.00 licensed for one user to promote many enterprises. (e.g.: home listings, clients, etc.) Includes all styles and 10 music loops. hosting $90.00/yr. (optional) MusicPacks $25.00 (included in SellFolio Complete ) StylePacks $25.00-$75.00 (included in SellFolio Complete) Custom Services and volume pricing are available

SellFolio LLC is a privately held company founded in Lake Forest, IL in 2003 by Russ McNeilly and Steve McNeilly. Together they have over 35 years experience in the multimedia and software businesses. Russ McNeilly's career includes top marketing positions at world-standard software companies such as InstallShield and SPSS. He earned an MBA in 1992 from Loyola University of Chicago. Steve McNeilly founded Aviation Tutorials in 1996, and holds a BS from the University of Illinois and Institute of Aviation. He is also a professional pilot who is rated to fly Boeing 737s and DC-8s. Steve and Russ have won various awards both jointly and separately for multimedia and web presentation, including top awards from Chicago Software Association, Pansophic and Forox competitions.