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Product Review: Laptop Carrying Case

Rarely does a laptop case inspire you to go out and get a laptop just so you can justify buying the case!  Well, if this has ever happened to you, my bet is that it had something to do with the OtterBox Laptop Carrying Case!  It's a little pricey at $169.95, but in my opinion well worth it because of the protection it affords.

 I recently had the opportunity to field test one of these beauties.  With three sizes to choose from, the medium size I used was almost a perfect fit for my 15" Apple Mac Power Book, right out of the box.  The case features adjustable Velcro straps, and internal rubber corner bumpers on the top and bottom of the case that make it easy to adjust to any laptop for secure, worry-free transport. It's got a fitted rubber port on the bottom that allows for it to be plugged in and have peripherals attached without removing it from its protected home. It's waterproof, but not meant for underwater use, and its latching mechanism is solid and easy to operate with key locks for added security.

 This is one strong case. According to the product Web site,, it's "so strong you can stand on the case without doing any damage" I haven't tested this claim, but I have seen someone sit on it with no adverse effect to the case or its contents.  The case is made of a rugged matte black material and styled in a manner that complements the high-tech computer it protects. The case is comfortable to carry and comes with a shoulder strap with some elasticity, which I found easier to carry than some cases with fixed rigid straps.

 My only concern was that there was no place to hold the charger or other small items I like to keep with the computer.  I note, however, that a laptop accessory case is available for under $25 on the OtterBox site. Taking my laptop into all sorts of places that pose threats to its physical well being, it's good to know that it's got a case that's as strong as it is stylish.
--John Miles, Creative Arts Studio, NY