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Pixel Magic Name Changed To DNP Photo Imaging America

Jerry Lansky

Pixel Magic Imaging, San Marco, TX, long a player in the U.S. with an innovative line of kiosks and dye-sub printers, is having its name changed to Dai Nippon Photo Imaging America Corp., effective March 1.

Brett Cameron, CEO of Pixel since last August, said the name change decision was made by the owners of Pixel, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., Tokyo, "as part of a global restructuring strategy."

Dai Nippon, a 125 year-old company with sales of almost $13 billion through March, 2006, is engaged in a wide variety of printing activities including packaging, thermal transfer ribbon and optical film for displays as well as products for other industries. It claims to be the largest supplier of dye-sub media worldwide.

DNP and Altech ADS Co., Ltd, a manufacturer of digital printers and related technology, made a major investment in Pixel Magic in 2004 effectively given them control of the operation. DNP originally held 51% ownership and recently acquired the Altech shares.

With the restructuring, Cameron said it was the "DNP's goal by 2010 to be the world's largest supplier of photo printing media by sheet count."

DNP entered the production of silver halide photo paper when it recently purchased the Konica-Minolta paper facility in Japan when that firm exited the photo business. The acquisition also gives DNP the opportunity to output inkjet paper, though it does not at present, as well as future expansion facilities for additional dye-sub output.

Cameron said the firm's booth at the PMA convention in Las Vegas would have no mention of Pixel Magic but will, in fact, heavily promote the DNP name.

Among the products in the booth, according to Cameron, will be a home printer that is designed to be a private label unit for a retailer to merchandise as a house brand. It is a printer dedicated to 4x6, dye-sub output exclusively. He said it was the first time a retailer would be able to offer a private brand printer. As displayed at PMA, it will be un-branded.

Cameron indicated that 2006 was Pixel Magic's biggest year in hardware and consumable sales and that "we have already booked sales through the first two months of 2007 that exceed the total sales of 2006."

He said Pixel had picked up "the two biggest deals in the country" but would not reveal the names of the customers. It has been rumored that Rite-Aid had made a major commitment for Pixel product. Rite-Aide is currently in the process of an expansion with its announced acquisition of the 1,800-store chain of Brooks/Eckerd.

Pixel Magic Imaging was founded in 1992 by Henry Oles and his son David Oles, and has built its reputation with a unique line of products for use at retail, both in front of the counter and behind it. David Oles has been the chief technical officer of Pixel and will remain in that position.