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PhotoVu Announces Compatibility with Leading Photo Sharing Portals
Expanding photo sharing beyond your own walls and local network
Press Release

Orlando, FL -- February 24, 2006 -- Today PhotoVu™, the leading wireless digital picture frame company, announced a major new software release enabling PhotoVu owners to download public content from four popular photo sharing services. Using RSS technology available from these select services, the PhotoVu can automatically download and synchronize an unbelievably diverse variety of photo content which is freely available in the public domain.

“Whether it's downloading beautiful nature and travel photos from a “public group feed,” or having a friend or family's PhotoVu automatically retrieve a special album of pictures you've uploaded for them to see, this new software adds a whole new and very powerful capability to the PhotoVu line of digital picture frames,” said Robert Jordan, Partner, PhotoVu. “The response from our early beta customers has been extremely positive and we look forward to making this new software available to all of our existing and new customers in the coming weeks.”

About the PhotoVu Frames

All PhotoVu digital picture frames require no additional image manipulation or software installation. Consumer and business users can display thousands of digital photos or other digital content stored on any Windows® or Macintosh® computer that has a network connection. An optional 40GB USB removable hard drive or 1GB USB key drive is also available for stand-alone operation. All features and operations, including integration with Adobe® Photoshop® Album/Elements and Apple® iPhoto™ photo management software, are controlled remotely from any computer's web browser on the network.

PhotoVu is not affiliated in any way with any of the photo sharing services mentioned above or any of the entities that provide such photo sharing services. In order to use PhotoVu's photo sharing portal features, there may be additional fees required. Please refer to each particular photo sharing service for their specific terms of use and other policies. PhotoVu does not endorse or guarantee interoperability with any photo sharing service. A broadband Internet connection with external gateway access is required to access photo sharing services.