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Luci Joins The Ritz Family and Changes Her Name

Jerry Lansky

With the stroke of a pen Lucidiom's Luci software program quickly shifted from a scrapbooking service offered by photo specialty retailers scattered around the country to one suddenly available in a chain of over 1,000 stores.

The Ritz Camera Centers chain signed on to Luci and had it installed in all of its locations by Christmas, according to Richard Tranchida, executive vice president. However, as with all of its promotional endeavors, Ritz is marketing the service under a name that it chooses for itself, in this case 'fusion photo.'

The addition of the Ritz chain increases the number of Luci installations nationwide to about 1,500, according to Lisa Fasold, director of media relations.

Tranchida indicated that the program is progressing "very well." He noted that, while fusion photo was originally thought of as a scrapbooking service, other products, such as theme-oriented cards and posters are very popular offerings. "So far, scrapbooking pages are not as big as everybody believed it would be. The service has become more content oriented," he said.

He added, "Fusion (Luci) is another reason for a customer to walk in the door."

Ritz is pricing the fusion pages at $6.99 for an 8x8 page, $8.99 for an 8x10, and $10.99 for a 12x12 page. A promotional flier indicates that fusion is a one-hour service.

Ritz has been using Lucidiom kiosk software for about two years. The addition of the Luci program to the existing Ritz kiosk is somewhat of a departure for Lucidiom which, until then, had required a lab owner to purchase a separate kiosk/computer setup dedicated to Luci.

At PMA, Lucidiom changed that policy and is now allowing the program to be installed in a dealer's own kiosk that already had the normal Lucidiom APM software and is adequately powered to handle Luci's large file formats. The dealer cost to add the software package to include Luci and a DVD output feature is $1,500, according to Fasold. She indicated that, since PMA, "several hundred APM's have been upgraded with the Luci/DVD content."

Separately, Lucidiom has released eight new template kits with summer themes for its Luci program. These themes include July 4th cookouts, summer camps, lemonade stands, etc., that can be output onto scrapbook pages, bordered prints, wall art, etc. Lucidiom claims that they now offer more than 2,500 Luci templates.