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Jerry Lansky Exclusive: Lucidiom Acquires Trevoli, Ltd. To Complete Software Package

Lucidiom, Inc., has purchased the software developer Trevoli, Ltd., Dallas, to put itself in a position to compete directly against Kodak and HP with a total package of digital software services for the retailer.

The deal was closed last Monday, November 20. No details were made available as to purchase price. The two firms have had a close working relationship since February when Lucidiom dropped its own online site in favor of the Trevoli product.

The acquisition brings to Lucidiom the Trevoli package of Photo Finale software products that includes Photo Finale Web, a program that provides the retailer the opportunity to offer online ordering services. Consumers can order prints from home or from kiosks, which are either in-store or remote from the lab's location, for store pickup as well as selecting from a variety of novelty and gift services.

Packaging the Lucidiom kiosk and data management software with the Trevoli online ordering capability, Lucidiom is able to provide retailers with end-to-end software services similar to the Kodak Easy Share Gallery and the HP-Snapfish combination of offerings. The major difference is that with the Lucidiom-Trevoli package the retailer is not tied to a single brand of hardware but can use any choice of kiosk (including a Lucidiom model) and printer hardware along with the store's own marketing brand. As put by Lisa Fasold, Lucidiom's director of marketing and public relations, “Lucidiom is printer, kiosk, and website agnostic.”

It is understood, such firms as Walgreens, Ritz, and Moto Photo are currently using the Lucidiom software and the addition of the Trevoli online ordering functions puts these firms in a stronger competitive position. Such dealer groups as IPI, PRO, Town & Country, and others have members that already use either Lucidiom or Trevoli software, or both.

Steve Giordano, Sr., Lucidiom CEO, said, “By rounding out our product offerings for photofinishing retailers, the acquisition is a solid step in building Lucidiom's position as the leading provider of digital services worldwide.” The firm, which was founded in 2001, claims to have 40,000 software licenses worldwide.

With the acquisition of Trevoli, a firm founded in 2002, Lucidiom will integrate billing and tech services for customers of both operations. Fasold said the plan is to retain the development staff of about 10 people at the Trevoli facility in Dallas . It is expected that Joe Zarrehparvar, Trevoli's CEO, will leave the firm after a short transition period.

The Photo Finale products are Lab, Web, Album, and Viewer, along with some bundles. Certain of the products are available as a retail sale item through such software channels as Comp USA and others, as well as online, and this would draw Lucidiom into the retail sector—potentially making it a competitor to its own customers. Fasold said that Lucidiom would carefully track that segment to see if it fits the firm's business model for the future.

Lucidiom's line consists of its APM photo kiosk, Luci scrapbooking software, ProfitWatcher statistics tracker, and Print Station job management. Fasold said that there are new products being developed that will be unveiled at PMA-Las Vegas.