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Review: Otterbox 1920 Case for Treo
Premium protection without extra bulk

OK, I'll admit it, I'm partial to quality products...I like my Treo 700 for its style, form factor, and combination of keyboard and touch screen. The only problem is taking it where it might get damaged due to drops, bangs or environmental hazards. Enter the Otterbox 1920. (Note that colleagues with the Treo 755 without the antenna can have the same piece of mind with the Otterbox 1921)

With all the individual buttons on the Treo to control its many features (not to mention the keyboard), I never would have thought that a case such as the Otterbox 1920 could live up to its claims of protecting the Treo, while providing the same, if not enhanced functionality and tactile response, from the device. Not only did the case live up to its claims, but does so without a great deal of extra bulk.

I've had the pleasure of using this case to protect my Treo on several occasions in work sites that would have proven a serious threat to an unprotected device. The case worked as advertised, demonstrating that it was indeed water, dust, drop and crush resistant. The Treo slips into and locks in place by sliding the back of the case on and locks with a positive compound latch. Each of the rubber keys fits in perfect alignment with the Treo's keys and the rubber over-molding of the case provides a good grip for comfortable extended use. The keyboard lights with the Treo's and is quite visible. I would have liked to see the symbols for the function keys labeled, although anyone who's used the Treo for a while knows where they are.

The touch screen is doubly protected by a membrane that covers the Treo's touch screen, while allowing full access to screen controls.
An additional clear hard-plastic cover protects the screen from more serious threats, while allowing unobstructed viewing.

There's an available belt clip that can replace the compound latch and even a carrying case for the Treo with the 1920 on! Rubber fittings also allow for synching the Treo without removing it from the case, a handy feature if you're retrieving updated specs from your worksite PC that need to be moved to the Treo. In the unlikely event that some of these rubber parts need replacing, they are available directly from Otterbox.

This protection doesn't come cheaply though. At $129 MSRP it's probably not for everyone...Just those that want the best protection available for their Treo!