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Product Review: Lexar Professional 8GB UDMA 300x CF and Card Reader
Lexar Professional 8GB UDMA 300x CF and Card Reader for high-speed performance and valuable extras

"Time is money," or so the adage says. Shooting in RAW mode or with today's 10+ megapixel digital cameras results in multi-megabyte images that seem to take forever to transfer from your CF to your computer. Whether you're a professional or amateur photographer or work in a post-production environment, you have better things to do than wait while your images transfer.

Advances in memory media and hardware such as USB and Firewire technology have taken us from what seemed fast years ago (now painfully slow) to the blazingly fast speed of the Lexar UDMA 300x CF, especially when paired with the Lexar Professional UDMA Card Reader. At optimal speeds of 45MB/sec, it's hard to imagine wanting or needing more, but a few years from now who knows!

I had the pleasure of using an 8GB UDMA CF in my Nikon D200. It was a real pleasure when transferring the large images from the card to my MAC PowerBook. Unfortunately, my Mac has a first-generation Firewire port, and the supplied connectors didn't fit so I had to hunt around for a cable that fit both the reader and computer. My own experience with the card and reader were very satisfying and I can't wait to see how much faster it could be with a PC that supports the new Firewire standard.

It's all about speed and reliability with media. Lexar has never disappointed me in these areas.  As a bonus, Lexar includes Image Rescue 3 software to recover lost or deleted photo, video, and audio files, Corel Paint Shop Pro X, for editing, and management of your photos and Lexar Backup n Sync software to backup and share your photos. With a street price of about $170 for the card and $80 for the reader it's a combo you won't want to be without.