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Product Review: Lensbaby 3G

Lensbaby devotees are rejoicing (I know I am) with the addition of the 3G to the Lensbabies family, which also includes the “original lensbaby” and Lensbaby 2.0. A Lensbaby is a 50mm SLR lens that uses a bellows for focus, allowing users to selectively focus on certain areas of view. The 3G offers users the ability to lock in the focus—something that neither of the two previous models allowed. They are available for almost every 35mm camera make, and certain medium format cameras.

I find the locking mechanism makes the Lensbaby 3G easier to use, especially for folks who may not be able to hold the lens’ bellows perfectly still. In fact, I think this feature alone could bring many new photographers to the ranks of Lensbaby aficionados everywhere.

I’ve used the Original Lensbaby, Lensbaby 2.0 and the new Lensbaby 3G and have found the latest iteration to be my favorite. I love having the ability to lock in the focus while shooting, because it lets you tweak exposure while keeping your composition and “sweet spot of focus” in one place. The 3G also gives the user the ability to fine-focus after you’ve locked in the focus.

On a recent shoot, I kept the Lensbaby 3G dedicated to one Nikon DSLR body, while I used a regular zoom on the other, and I found myself shooting more—with both cameras. Besides making photography fun again, Lensbabies are conversation starters, you can’t go far without someone asking you what lens you’ve got on your camera!

For more information, check out the company's website at The website shows more examples of images shot with the different models and has a retailer finder.

lensbaby example one
Photo taken during a walk through a Japanese garden in Sendai, Japan. Along with literal "focusing" on the objects in the garden, I think the use of the Lensbaby helps convey the atmosphere of the garden perfectly.
Diane Berkenfeld

lensbaby example two
Another shot taken in the Japanese garden in Sendai, Japan. The Lensbabies are great for close-ups.
Diane Berkenfeld

lensbaby example three
While shooting at a rodeo in Montana, I spent time shooting with the Lensbaby 3G, which was great for isolating subjects that might otherwise have been overlooked.
Diane Berkenfeld

lensbaby product photo
The Lensbaby 3G is available for most 35mm SLR mounts, and certain medium format camera mounts.