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Product Review: Alien Skin's Snap Art

watercolor before
The photo after oil painting treatment.
Diane Berkenfeld

snap art watercolor
The final image after the watercolor painting treatment.
Diane Berkenfeld

montana before
The before photo, taken in the Montana hills.
Diane Berkenfeld

montana after
Another example, the before image is colorful on its own - of Kayaks in Maine.
Diane Berkenfeld

Alien Skin’s Snap Art is one of those great plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop and similar image editing programs that lets you be as creative as the ideas you dream up. Snap Art lets photographers and photo enthusiasts take their photographs to the next level by turning them into natural media artwork. The software offers a variety of styles including oil paint, pencil, pen & ink, comics, watercolor, and more.

Although Photoshop does have some of these filters available, Alien Skin’s Snap Art gives you more control in altering the image. Snap Art offers the ability to control brush sizes, brush style (wet or dry) in certain circumstances, lighting, media surface, color and more. And it works with a real-time preview so you can see the changes you’re making, without having to decide first and undo later. There are factory settings too, so beginners can work up to the amount of fine control they’d like to have over their images.

I really like the ability to make detailed changes and see those changes occur on the screen. Its great when you have an idea in mind and you want to alter an image but want to play around with the settings until you like what you see.

Especially for someone like myself who is not a painter at all—but loves the look of watercolor paintings and oil paintings—Snap Art makes it easy to create “masterpieces.”

Snap Art, as well as Alien Skin’s other Photoshop plug-ins are now universal applications—compatible with Photoshop CS 3, for Mac and Windows.

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