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Silver Gelatin Prints Come of Age
Press Release

Phil Harris
Phil Harris

Ilford Photo has announced the addition of a new paper to its range of specialist black-and-white photo products, which not only represents a major step forward in the production of high quality images, but also utilizes the latest advances in digital processing.

Called Ilford Galerie FB Digital , this 315gsm fiber base baryta paper has been created for printing with digital laser printers, and is compatible with digital printers such as the Durst Lambda and Océ Lightjet models.

This is the only paper in the world which utilizes IlfordPhoto's renowned fiber base baryta material, made famous by such products as Ilfobrom Galerie FB and Multigrade IV FB papers, with the ability to be exposed in digital laser printers (Lightjet and Lambda) writing directly from digital files.

The optimized spectral sensitivity of Ilford Galerie FB Digital , combined with the proven long term archival benefits of traditional fiber base black-and-white papers, provides the opportunity to create genuine silver gelatin prints from digital images. This unique combination makes Ilford Galerie FB Digital the ideal choice for exhibition and fine art prints.

Initially being supplied in 100ft rolls in 20, 30, 40 and 50ins widths for high-end prolab use, Ilford Galerie FB Digital has been undergoing rigorous testing by a select handful of labs in North America and Europe.

Each lab has been extremely impressed at the quality prints which have been achieved, and is already recommending this paper for clients such as fine art collectors, museums, art galleries, photographers producing limited edition prints, and graphic design agencies.

“For the first time, fine art photographers can benefit from the best of both worlds,” says Ilford Photo chairman Phil Harris. “This unique product brings together the added creative benefits offered by digital manipulation, with the long established aesthetic and archival properties of true baryta base black-and-white silver gelatin prints.”

Being launched at Photokina, Ilford Galerie FB Digital will also be demonstrated via a series of exhibitions in the UK , Europe and the USA later in the year through to early 2007.

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