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Fujifilm Touts Technology in Digital and One-Time-Use Camera TV Ads
Long Form Commercials Convey Features and Benefits-Drive Consumer Response
Press Release

Valhalla, New York, June 8, 2006 – Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. is again launching long form direct response TV campaign for its new FinePix digital cameras and QuickSnap Flash 1000™ One-Time-Use Cameras. Both ads tout unique Fujifilm technologies and the long form format provides sufficient time to show both the product features and the consumer benefits that Fujifilm's technology provides. The ads invite consumers to visit unique Fujifilm Web sites to learn more about the products and earn a $50 rebate on a Fujifilm FinePix digital camera or enter a sweepstakes for one of ten family trips to SeaWorld on the QuickSnap site.

The digital camera campaign, launching June 5, clearly explains the benefits of Fujifilm's Real Photo Technology, focusing on Picture Stabilization, which minimizes blur caused by both camera and subject movement, and higher sensitivity capabilities that yield better low light and flash pictures, showing comparative results in real world situations.

The QuickSnap 1000 One-Time-Use Camera ad, launching June 19, shows the benefits of the preloaded Fujicolor Superia X-TRA1000 speed film with exclusive 4 th Color Layer Technology when compared to typical 400 speed film, including low light capability and extended flash range, and its ability to capture action.

“We successfully used long form direct response TV ads last year in support of our digital camera line,” said Joan Rutherford, Vice President, Advertising/Marketing Communication, Imaging Division. “The 60 and 120 second format give us time to clearly convey the technology that differentiates Fujifilm products in a very consumer friendly way.

The incentives drive consumers to our Web sites where they spend significant time learning more about the products and the unique technology that lets consumers take and print better pictures. With more people watching TV while they are online at the same time, response is rapid and growing.”

Pre/Post research around Fujifilm's efforts last year indicated significant increases in brand awareness and trust and, on technological image dimensions, the measures doubled, indicating the technology, features and benefits messages resonated with consumers. Moreover, on the basis of driving “Buy Now” responses to retailers' Web sites, the level of clicks on the “buy now” button rose by an average factor of 15x during the advertising period.

“We are very pleased to continue this successful approach and to expand it to our FinePix Digital Cameras and QuickSnap products,” concluded Rutherford .