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Hahnemuhle Develops First Fine Art Inkjet Paper Made from Bamboo

Woodstock, IL August 21, 2007--- The traditional Hahnemuhle paper mill has developed the first worldwide fine art inkjet paper made from bamboo fibers. The natural white paper with a warm tone combines spiritual photography with environmental considerations. "Bamboo 290" consists of fibers from highly renewable bamboo grass. Hahnemuhle will donate a portion of the revenues to supporting environmental projects. This 23rd paper from the international award-winning Hahnemuhle Digital FineArt Collection renders the sensual connection between art and paper palpable and visible.

The oldest German art paper mill has succeeded in developing a premium, soft fine art paper from ultra- pure bamboo fibers and pure spring water. This paper opens up a whole new artistic and spiritual dimension in fine art printing.

In addition to its classy feel and elegant appearance, "Bamboo 290" possesses the image quality associated with Hahnemuhle, achieved through its wide color gamut, extreme color density and sharpness as well as good contrast. The paper's natural basic tone makes it ideal for fine art prints with a warm hue.

For the first time ever Hahnemuhle will, on the occasion of the launch of the new paper, support several environmental projects. Customers will in future be able to co-decide via Internet which project shall receive a contribution.

Hahnemuhle has been able to bring the famous photographer Justin Guariglia, who has achieved critical acclaim for his work in China, on board for the start of the bamboo campaign. His internationally sought-after spiritual images from the Shaolin Temple in China will be depicted on the product's green packaging.

Justin Guariglia on the new paper: "When the Aperture Foundation approached me to create an international traveling exhibition of our book Shaolin: Temple of Zen, I turned to Hahnemuhle for a paper that would reflect the spirit of the project. The Bamboo 290 paper was my immediate first choice. Its beautiful warmth and texture imbues every print with an unsurpassed feeling of intimacy and energy. These qualities allow us to accurately share the sacred and sublime spirit of this fifteen-hundred year old Chinese Zen temple with audiences around the world."

The travelling exhibition "Shaolin - Temple of Zen" - organized by the American Aperture Foundation and supported by Hahnemuhle - will be on tour in the USA and later in Europe from 2008 to 2011. The first stages are Los Angeles in February and March 2008 and Washington DC from June to September 2008. The release of the homonymous book accompanies the traveling exhibition.

For further information on the photographer and the Aperture Foundation visit: Justin Guariglia and Aperture

Please observe the binding copyright for the photo by Justin Guariglia: Photo from the book and exhibition Shaolin: Temple of Zen by Justin Guariglia 2007

The Hahnemuhle paper mill has been producing quality artist's papers for over 420 years. Since its founding in 1584 they have developed experience and a tradition of excellence in art materials that is now been brought to the digital age, and Fine Art inkjet printing. The German based company, whose headquarters are in Dassel, has 150 employees worldwide.