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Adorama Releases ProOptic 645 Mid-Format DOF Vibrating Adapter

The Adorama ProOptic 645 (mid format) DOF vibrating adapter is an affordable, light weight system that allows the videographer to control depth of field and create that desirable film look.

The adapter allows video cameras to have selective focus; putting either the foreground or background in and out of focus. This allows a video to appear as if it was shot with a professional, high-priced film camera.

Itís compact enough for documentaries, great for handheld indie shoots and perfect for set-ups using tripods, dollies etc. With an active image size of 2-1/4 x 1-5/8Ē (twice the size of a 35mm adapter), it is especially valuable when shooting with a more demanding camera.

The adapter uses Mamiya 645 manual lenses. They are lightweight, easy to focus and follow focus and can be purchased at reasonable prices in the used marketplace.

The image is left inverted to keep light loss and weight to a minimum. Some cameras can right the screen image while others can be fitted with an external LCD monitor, which most videographers prefer anyhow.

Because dust is always a potential problem there is a unique, built in dust removal system, one that really works. Itís a quality product that does the job for around $800.

The ProOptic 645 adapter is available at Adorama 42 West 18th Street N.Y. N.Y. 800.223.2500, or online at