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onOne Software Announces Availability of PhotoFrame Pro 3.1

Portland, OR - April 5, 2007 - onOne Software, Inc., announces today that the PhotoFrame Pro 3.1 update is available via free download to all registered users of PhotoFrame Pro 3 software on both Macintosh and Windows platforms.

onOne Software’s PhotoFrame Pro 3 Photoshop plug-in provides photographers with thousands of frame and matte selections that add a professional finishing touch to any digital image. PhotoFrame Pro 3 allows users to quickly and easily create gorgeous edge effects to complement any picture. And for additional customization, the choices are endless with PhotoFrame Pro 3’s selection of border and edge effects such as drop shadows, bevel, glow, border and texture. “Since its introduction 9 years ago, PhotoFrame Pro has become the defacto standard for photographers looking to easily create unique yet professional quality images,” said Craig Keudell, president of onOne Software. “And with the introduction of Photoshop CS3, we are pleased to provide our faithful customers with this compatible version of our popular border and edge effect software.”

PhotoFrame Pro 3.1 includes support for 16-bit images and a new auto-rotate feature that automatically detects the horizontal or vertical orientation of digital camera images and rotates frames automatically to best fit the image. The Macintosh version of PhotoFrame Pro 3.1 is a Universal Binary and offers native support for both Intel-based and PowerPC-based Macintosh computers.

PhotoFrame Pro 3.1 is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS3 and is available as a free download to all registered owners of PhotoFrame Pro 3.0. Registered owners may request a replacement DVD for $9.95 shipping and handling. PhotoFrame Pro 3.1 for Photoshop CS2 and CS3 and Photoshop Elements is compatible with Mac OS X 10.3.9 and higher or Windows XP and Vista. PhotoFrame Pro 3 is available from onOne Software authorized distributors and resellers, or direct from onOne Software at

onOne Software develops time-saving software solutions for professional and advanced amateur photographers in the digital photography and graphic design industries. onOne Software solutions have been created to help photographers spend more of their time behind the camera taking pictures instead of the computer workstation. Such solutions include a wide range of easy-to-use plug-in enhancements for Adobe® Photoshop®, Photoshop Elements and QuarkXPress®.

onOne Software delivers the highest quality software products to users by working with industry leaders and continuing to develop core technologies for professional photo and desktop publishing solutions on both Macintosh and Windows operating systems. Founded in 2005, onOne Software is a privately held company located in Portland, Oregon. For additional information, visit or call 1-888-968-1468.