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X-Rite i1Photo Showcases Color Management Technology, Launches Industry's First-Ever Personalized In-Box Training at PhotoPlus

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – October 11, 2007 – X-Rite, Incorporated – the world leader in color management and color measurement solutions, showcases its innovative line of solutions for exceptional color control in RGB and CMYK workflows as well as show specials – at PDN’s PhotoPlus International Conference and Expo (PPE). October 18-20, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City.

Visitors to Booth 918 may learn all about all-new X-Rite i1Defined, the industry’s first-ever in-box personalized training color management. The unique program consists of two tiers: the flash-based X-Rite i1®Experience – a user-controlled interactive training CD that comes with all X-Rite i1 solutions; and the web-based X-Rite i1®Personal Color Trainer (PCT), one-on-one remote training with a color management expert. The full X-Rite i1®Photo line of innovative color management solutions also is on display at this year’s PPE – including two levels of colorimeter-driven color excellence for monitors, the X-Rite i1®Display™ LT and the X-Rite i1®Display™ 2.

The company’s comprehensive product lineup also features a special X-Rite i1®Photo™ LT offer as well, with the option to get cash back on this award-winning system or upgrade its color control to include the X-Rite i1®Beamer’s powerful digital output benefits. The company’s product lineup also includes the automated test chart reading capabilities of the acclaimed X-Rite i1®iO and X-Rite i1®Isis, and the foolproof color-matching methodology of X-Rite ColorChecker®. At select times throughout the show, world renowned photographers and color experts Seth Resnick, Eddie Tapp and Andrew Rodney offer their advice and insights on effective, predictable and accurate color-managed digital workflow from the X-Rite booth 918.

Industry’s First-Ever Personalized In-Box Training Launched At PPE PPE, the industry’s largest and most comprehensive photography expo and educational conference, provides an ideal setting for an all-new educational training that reflects X-Rite’s user-centric approach to the marketplace. The all-new X-Rite i1Defined’s two-tiered program ( defined) will be launched from the show The first level, the Flash-based X-Rite i1Experience is a user-controlled interactive training CD that now comes with every X-Rite i1 system.

Through a unique humanized interface, users can choose the topics and pacing, learning color fundamentals, system basics, and digital workflow foundations in a customized and easy-to-understand way. The second level, the X-Rite i1Personal Color Trainer (PCT), is one-on-one remote training with a color management expert. The trainer personalizes the hour-long web-based session around the customer, and can interact directly with the user’s computer to address specific workflow issues. One PCT session is now included with i1®Photo, i1®Photo SG, i1®Proof and i1®XT bundles, with additional sessions available. Existing i1 customers will have access to i1PCT at special pricing through an X-Rite i1Defined loyalty promotion.

X-Rite i1Photo – delivers complete color-precise digital RGB workflow, including the ability to calibrate all types of monitors and profile scanners, digital cameras, printers and digital projectors with a white-surface backup board and highly sophisticated ruler system that en one hand scanning operation. The i1Photo also captures natural light conditions with a revolutionary ambient light head. It comes complete with full RGB test chart technology plus a quick method of creating small test chart CMYK (Easy) profiles for in-house comps in a snap.