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Sony Introduces Line of Digital Frames

sony digital frame family
Sony's line of new digital frames

Sony unveiled its S-Frame brand of digital photo frames, offering vibrant LCD screens and stylish designs suitable for the living room, bedroom or office.

The new DPF-V900, DPF-V700 and DPF-D70 digital photo frame models have WVGA resolution along with 15:9 aspect-ratio screens. The frames can display images up to 48 megapixels, making the frames compatible with the latest high-end digital cameras. Features of the new frames include 10 slideshow variations, clock and calendar views, and two index modes.

The 7 DPF-V700 and 9 DPF-V900 digital photo frames have 512MB of internal storage, while the 7 DPF-D70 model has 256MB of internal flash memory. In order to maximize internal memory, the models all offer an auto-resizing option that downsizes photos so hundreds of images can be stored in the frames. The DPF-V900 and DPF-V700 digital photo frames are Bluetooth-enable and dalso connect to Sony Bravia and other compatible HDTV via HDMI cable.