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Sinar Bron Unveils the BronColor Mobil A2R Power Pack

January 15, 2008-- Sinar Bron Imaging is pleased to announce the release of the newest product from Bron Elektronik AG, the new Mobil A2R compact power pack and new Mobilite 2 small lamp.

What: The new Mobil pack is designed for the photographer who wants to capture images with a battery operated power pack.


Battery operated, compact and light

12 AH rechargeable battery

Short charging time, 2.9 seconds at full power, 0.8 seconds at minimum power

2000 flashes at minimum output

Three different power distributions: symmetric, 70/30 and 80/20

RFS standard

Flash output variable over 4 F-stops in 1/10 and full stop intervals; asymmetric expands the control range an additional 2 F-stops

Unit is fully charged after 3.5 hrs using fast charger

Sleek outer design with new ergonomic handle, and strap holders


New small Mobilite 2 lamp has shortened charging time and increased flashes per charge

Mobilite 2 small lamp has new improved thermal protection and 100 W halogen modeling light

When: Available immediately

Where: Only at Sinar Bron Imaging authorized dealers. Check for the nearest dealer location.

Sinar Bron Imaging is the exclusive US distributor of broncolor, Sinar, and Foba, the legendary names that represent a 60-year legacy at the forefront of developing the world’s highest quality high-end photographic and lighting equipment. Made in Switzerland, Sinar Bron Imaging’s products deliver unsurpassed precision, consistency and image quality, empowering photographers to fully realize their creative ambitions with equipment that lasts a lifetime.