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Showcase for Growing Numbers of ARC-Based Solutions at CES
ARC International

ARC International, a leader in configurable subsystems and CPU/DSP processors, today announced that ARC customers, partners, and OEM companies will display a wide range of innovative ARC-Based(TM) solutions at this week's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

These will include some of the hottest consumer devices and technologies available, such as WiFi-enabled mobile computers, flash memory cards, digital cameras, portable media players, biometric devices, DSL modems, and more.

There are close to 140 companies using ARC's patented configurable subsystems and processors to create leading-edge products for a range of high-growth markets. Collectively, these companies ship approximately 100 million ARC-Based chips to market every year in markets such as electronic toys and educational games, digital set-top boxes, networking appliances, government applications, wireless computing systems, mobile multimedia players, and flash storage devices.

Among the ARC customers, partners, and OEMs showcasing solutions at CES 2007 are:

Atmel Corporation - Atmel has adopted the ARC® Video Subsystem to create multimedia handheld devices. Atmel previously announced that it selected the ARC Video Subsystem because it met the necessary criteria of low-cost and small size, while achieving Atmel's power budget. In addition, the ARC Video Subsystem provides Atmel with a solution that will enable them to quickly port their video and imaging technologies on to a programmable platform.

Broadcom Corporation - Broadcom previously announced it has signed a multi-year, comprehensive licensing agreement with ARC to develop leading-edge system-on-chips (SoCs) for high-growth consumer applications.

Chips & Media - Chips&Media is using a configurable ARC 605 core to develop digital set-top box chips targeted at high-volume applications. Chips&Media selected the ARC 605 core because it is smaller, lower power and provides up to twice the MHz performance than competing processors.

D-Link Systems - D-Link is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of advanced networking, broadband, digital, voice and data communications solutions. ARC-Based products currently offered by D-Link include the DBT-120 Wireless Bluetooth USB Adapter, which enables users to sync data from devices such as cameras, PCs, mobile phones, headphones, and more.

Fujitsu - Fujitsu's ARC-Based "SmartMPEG" chips appear in a number of set-top boxes from companies such as Digenius, GSS, Grocos, Conrad, Medion, and LaSat. Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe previously announced that it has deepened its commitment to ARC's configurable architecture by announcing that it has taken a license for an ARC 700 family core for use in high-volume consumer applications.

OKI Electric Ind. - Oki Electric Industry previously announced it has taken a license for the ARC Sound Advanced Subsystem, which it plans to incorporate into an application specific standard product (ASSP) for the rapidly growing advanced in-car audio market and other consumer applications.

SanDisk - SanDisk is the leading supplier of flash data storage card products and provides a wide array of digital imaging and audio storage solutions. An ARC customer since 2000, SanDisk will display at CES a range of ARC-Based products including its popular Cruzer® and innovative Gruvi(TM) products.

Siano Mobile Silicon - Siano Mobile Silicon, a provider of innovative technology to the mobile digital TV marketplace, is using a ARC configurable processor to develop a new SMS1000 mobile digital TV receiver chip, which is targeted at a range of products delivering mobile TV services to consumers.

Sony - Sony Semiconductor Kyushu Corporation previously announced that it has taken a license for a configurable ARC processor with DSP extensions that will be integrated into next-generation consumer electronic devices.

Toshiba America Electronic Components - Toshiba and ARC have entered into a strategic collaboration that will grow the industry's adoption of configurable processor technology worldwide. As part of the collaboration, Toshiba has taken a multiyear license for the ARChitect(TM) processor configurator. Toshiba also has introduced a series of digital still cameras that incorporate ARC-Based silicon from other ARC customers.

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