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Shootsac Launches New Cover Colors

The Shootsac is a unique new solution for photographers who need to carry lenses and/or flashes on them while shooting at a wedding or other event.

The Shootsac was created by photographer Jessica Claire to minimize lens-juggling while shooting weddings. The Shootsac comes in black but interchangeable covers are available separately so photographers can be as fashionable as they wish while on the job. Twelve new True Color Cover Fabrics are launching this week. These limited-edition covers (less than 100 each will be available) are: Sophisticated, Brazen, Blackout, Bamboo, Cowboy, Clever, Conservative, High Gloss, Paddock Shawl, Lush, Square, Spinner, and wild.

The black Shootsac flap can be swapped out in seconds, so photographers can coordinate their covers with an event, an outfit, or a mood. The new covers, like all True Color Cover fabrics, are wear-tested for durability, and is backed with a lint-free microfiber, providing a convenient lens-cleaning cloth too.