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Savage Celebrates 70 Years in Photographic Industry

Chandler, AZ--Savage Universal Corporation, founded by Mr. Mac Pressman in 1937, is celebrating 70 years as a cornerstone for the studio photographic industry.

Richard Pressman, Savage’s President, is working hard to carry on his father’s legacy through his commitment to continue manufacturing high quality and innovative products for an industry of creative professionals.

In unison with this milestone, Savage has expanded its staple product Widetone® Seamless Background Paper. The original Widetone® line of 48 tried and true colors has grown to 71 colors. These new colors have the same fine tooth, non-reflecting quality as the original 48 colors the photographic industry has grown to depend on. Savage now offers the largest selection of seamless background paper in the world.

Since 1937, Savage Universal Corporation has been manufacturing innovative products for the photographic and art industry. Savage brand of seamless background paper and other paper products are used by photographers and artists worldwide

In addition, Savage has added two new light kits to broaden its equipment line even further. The two kits M31500 and M31100 are Quartz Light kits, completely self-contained continuous quartz light digital photo/video studio that is perfect for digital portrait or product photography and commercial videography.

Both kits are composed of three variable power light heads; (M31500) includes a 500 watt 3200k continuous quartz light bulb in each light head, and (M31100) includes a 1000 watt 3200k continuous quartz light bulb in each fan cooled light head. Both kits include (3) 24” x 24” soft boxes, (3) 4-section stands with max height of 2.4m / 7’10”, and (3)10 ft AC power cords and fit into a carrying case (included) measuring 72x22x34cm; ~28-1/4”x8-1/2”x13-3/8”.

Furthermore, Savage now offers its Photowide® Extra-Wide Seamless Background Paper in Chroma-key compatible colors. New versatile Tech Green and Studio Blue Photowide® has the same fine tooth and non-reflective properties as the standard colors; Super White, Black and Storm Gray. Superimposed images using Chroma-key color backgrounds have unlimited uses for digital studio and video.

Also, Savage’s photographic industry staple for the last 70 years, Widetone® Seamless Background Paper, has spun off a new product for small product photography with Widetone® Background Sweeps. Savage Background Sweeps are a set of 5 small Widetone® sheets and includes one sheet each of the following colors: White, Black, neutral Slate Gray, and Chroma-key compatible Tech Green and Studio Blue.

This set represents the most popular colors used today in product photography including internet product sales photography. Background Sweeps are designed to work perfectly with shooting tables and other photographic devices specific to small product photography. Sizes Available: (W1031) 10” x 31”, (W1531) 15” x 31”, (W1831) 18” x 31”, (W2431) 24” x 31”

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