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Product News Goes International

Englewood, CO—March 8, 2007—ExpressDigital, the leading provider of digital workflow software, Internet storefronts and lab solutions, is releasing a new international version of designed to expand and enhance the ability for professional photographers to make more money.

“ continues to grow beyond our expectations and now literally beyond our borders,” said Graham McFarland, Founder and CEO of ExpressDigital. “Entering Canada, Europe and Australia with an on-line tool designed to help photographers grow their business, provides a natural expansion of our services and demonstrates our commitment to the professional photography industry.”

International Currency has established banking relationships across the globe and photographers can now receive payment in the currency in which they transact business. will now support sales in the Canadian Dollar, Pound Sterling, Euro and Australian Dollar.

Color Choices, New Storefront Designs and Multiple Photo Packages Several new money making features are now available in Consumers can now preview their professional photos in black & white, sepia and retro color choices on-line. 45 brand new storefront designs have been added to allow photographers to select the look and feel that best matches their photography business. In addition, new options now let customers select multiple photos to fill photographer defined packages, along with a la carte print and fulfillment items.

Custom Storefront Services photographers now have the option to customize their internet storefront to exactly match their existing website or create a new and unique web presence. custom services will design a tailored skin for your storefront, including company logo, colors, search selections, advertising, order receipts and other requested design elements.

Opt-in Revenue Sharing Advertising A new program called AdShare is being launched which allows photographers to make money from the traffic visiting their internet storefront. The new AdShare program is optional, and can be turned on and off at the discretion of the photographer. If a photographer selects to participate, small text ads will appear on various web pages of their site. will then share any advertising revenue with the photographer. The new AdShare program allows photographers to make revenue from web site traffic, in addition to already making money on selling prints and other fulfillment items. Marketing Plans In an effort to help photographers grow their business, is launching all-inclusive marketing plans for professional photographers. The marketing plans include custom design, printing, and on-going planning and execution of valuable marketing tools, such as direct mail campaigns, e-mail campaigns, prospect lists and much more.

Expanding Lab Partners Over 200 professional labs are now directly connected to and just a click away from helping photographers fulfill their orders. allows photographers the ability to assign prints and services to one or more labs, with the added convenience of drop ship or studio delivery.

ExpressDigital enables those engaged in the business of photography to maximize profits using technology. ExpressDigital designs products that cater to digital photographers, labs, and large corporate photography businesses. ExpressDigital has a rounded product offering called Digital Everyday that includes Darkroom software, internet storefronts, Labtricity lab connectivity, and Enrichment business services.

The Digital Everyday product offering empowers any size business using digital photography to incorporate a profitable workflow. ExpressDigital is a leader in the digital photography market and operates on the core values of service, innovation, and knowledge.