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Photo Parata Software Gets Proofs to Customers Fast

Mason, Ohio: Miltonstreet Software announces the launch of Photo Parata on-site event photography software for Windows. Photo Parata enables event photographers to categorize and display images on Kiosk Viewing Stations (KVS), so the general public can view and purchase the images while the event is under way.

The System:

Photo Parata is a Client/Server solution, which allows the photographer to load images into the server as customers are viewing images on the Kiosk Viewing Stations.

The Kiosk Viewing Stations (KVS):

The KVS has an easy, intuitive hierarchical navigation system. The KVS is HTML based allowing great flexibility for customized branding, shutdown is password protected, and has built in reset timer to default to the initial page.

The Server:

The Server has a one-step setup that does not require file sharing. The Server provides a quick and easy hierarchical view that complements the KVS navigation system. The Server also provides fast, easy access to all the original images on the hard drive for printing and/or editing with third party software programs. The server provides also provides a quick and easy way to update the KVS whenever the original images are either added, deleted, or modified.

Photo Parata runs on Windows XP

About Milsonstreet Software: It was established in 2007. For more information, visit For further information, please contact: Sam Carleton 513.349.5084