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New Visatec Kits Available in Car Bag

The Swiss flashlight manufacturer, Visatec, completes the product range of the SOLO line with two well-priced kits in car bags. These complete sets in car bags with dimensions of 54 x 24 x 26 cm (21.3 x 9.4 x 10.2) are easy and convenient to take along anywhere.

They are made of high quality polyester fabric and especially suitable for personal transport. VISATEC offers 2 different equipments of car bags: with 2 SOLO 400 B units, and with 2 SOLO 800 B units. Furthermore, the kits contain: 2 umbrella reflectors, 1 white umbrella, 1 silver umbrella and 1 synch cable 5 m (16.4 ft). The flash power can be continuously reduced over 3 f-stops.

By power reduction the VISATEC SOLO is internally discharged and thus there is no need to fire-down. The halogen modelling light of 150 W can be switched on in three modes: mode 1. full power, independent of the selected flash energy; mode 2. proportional to the selected flash energy or mode 3. "dim", which means the modelling light is reduced during recharging making it possible for the photographer to check if all the flash units are ignited.

Several units can be triggered via the infrared sensitive photocell with chronological synchronism, with a flash from another unit as well as wireless from the camera with the VISATEC Trigger.

The included protection cap and protecting glass prevent the flash tube and the modelling light from damage. The UV-coated flash tube ensures an unaltered colour rendition. It is pluggable and can be replaced by the Photographers themselves. The unique bayonet mount allows a quick replacement of the light shaper. They can be rotated 360. A large assortment of accessories is available for the VISATEC SOLO 400 B and 800 B. Ideally adjusted to the flash unit it gives the Photographer the possibility to be creative and versatile with the light design. Ask your local VISATEC dealer for more information or