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New Scanning Service ScanCafé Tackles Needs of the Pro

SAN FRANISCO, Calif., (July 31, 2007) -- Scanning, retouching and organizing photos, negatives and slides can be a nightmare for any professional photographer. The process is arduous and time-consuming, and most pros don't have time for it. As more and more photographers make the switch from analog to digital cameras, years worth of paper photos are often forgotten, left in boxes and closets to gather dust until someone gets around to scanning them. Enter ScanCafé, a new photo scanning and restoration service that helps hobbyists and professional photographers organize and preserve their works of art forever.

With the new ProZone for photographers, ScanCafé offers services geared specifically for professionals such as TIFF format, USB hard drive delivery, scanning resolution at 4000 dpi and personal account managers for large-volume customers. Touch ups like color correction, cropping and dust and stain removal are included as part of ScanCafé's basic packages. Additional services like black and white negative and slide scanning and more extensive restoration for severely damaged photos are also available at very affordable rates.

ScanCafé's standard process is this: users mail in their collections of photos, negatives and slides and ScanCafé will manually scan, restore and organize them before sending the customer to a secure online library to view their newly digitized images. With ScanCafé there is no need to pre-sort photos, since ScanCafé's revolutionary pricing model allows customers to pay only for the digital images they wish to keep (with a minimum purchase of 50% of the images scanned). After selecting the photos they'd like to keep, customers are sent all of their original photos back with a CD or DVD of their digital images.

"One of our primary goals is to become the number one rated photo scanning partner for serious hobbyists and professional photographers," said Sam Allen, CEO of ScanCafé. "We encourage photographers and hobbyists to test out ScanCafé and let us know what they think. If we aren't the easiest, most time and money saving scanning service out there, let us know what we need to do to get there."

ScanCafé uses only top of the line technology to manually scan and restore photos, negatives and slides. Nikon CoolScan 5000ED and CoolScan 9000 ED scanners combined with Kodak's Digital ICE dust and scratch removal, and Adobe Photoshop for professional restoration ensure that ScanCafé's digital images are the highest quality available for such a low price. Once the images are scanned, customers can upload them to popular photo sharing sites like dotPhoto, WebShots, SmugMug and Flickr, or create slides shows on CD or DVD for their families and friends.

To get started scanning your photos, negatives or slides, or for more information about ScanCafé, please visit

Founded in 2006, ScanCafé provides a simple, safe, and low-cost photo scanning service that gives everyone the opportunity to preserve their photos for future generations and share them with loved ones today. ScanCafé is based in Burlingame, California and has offices in Bangalore, India.