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New Cullmann 3150 XXL Tripod Provides Extra Height For Wedding, Birding and Industrial Assignments

Cullman 3150 XXL Tripod

DEER PARK, NY, FEBRUARY 29, 2008 - The new CULLMANN Universal XXL 3150 tripod is designed to provide photographers who need extra height for assignments such as weddings, bird watching and industrial photos. The largest of CULLMANN tripods extends to an overall height of seven feet. MSRP is $189.

The height of the cameras being used can easily be adjusted by sliding the entire column of this tripod up and down. The self-clamping screw prevents sudden drops. The extension length of the tripod legs can be varied effortlessly using the extension clips.

As in all Universal 3000 series tripod, the interchangeable system accessories allow photographers to expand and adapt to their specific needs. Careful workmanship, high stability and solidity guarantee comfortable and secure handling of all models. Typical of this is the 29mm section width of the uppermost leg. All central columns are locked with a quick-tensioning lever but have different designs to fulfill individual requirements. Every tripod from the 3000 series is equipped with a high-quality, removable CULLMANN 3030 tripod head.

R.T.S. Inc, Deer Park, NY is exclusive U.S. distributor of CULLMANN tripods, ballheads and other photographic accessories.