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Mitsubishi Imaging Brings Gekko Back

mitsubishi pictorico gekko
Mitsubishi Imaging brings back Gekko brand inkjet papers

GEKKO is back. The popular monochrome photo paper has been completely re-engineered for inkjet printers and re-released under the Pictorico brand. Aimed at the professional photographer, GEKKO produces rich, deep blacks for outstanding B&W inkjet prints.

The new Gekko papers are available in four versions: Gekko Red, a 100% cotton paper with a unique textured surface, offering high D-max and deep, rich blacks; Gekko Green, with the look and feel of a traditional Baryta B&W photo paper, this paper features a warm base-color tone; Gekko Black, with a unique matte surface on traditional RC photo base paper; and Gekko Blue, a unique luster surface on traditional RC photo base paper.