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Micron Technology Expands Imaging Power
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BOISE, Idaho & LAS VEGAS--March 8, 2007--At the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) event and tradeshow, Micron unveiled two new CMOS image sensors for mainstream digital cameras and camcorders.

With its new sensors, Micron brings exceptional picture quality and ultra-fast burst modes to point-and-shoot digital cameras, features typically found only in high-end digital, single-lens-reflex (D-SLR) cameras.

Additionally, the new sensors enable true high-definition (HD) video capture for point-and-shoot cameras, a feature that is typically found only in high-end camcorders.

"Driven by consumers' growing desire for high-definition TVs, HD video capture is becoming a key differentiating feature in mainstream digital cameras.

Our newest sensors support standard HD video capture, leveraging our leadership in high-speed CMOS imaging technology," said Bob Gove, vice president of Micron's imaging group.

"With our continued innovations in CMOS imaging, such as our highly-integrated, feature-rich 8-megapixel sensor and our new 720p video sensor with image stabilization, we are providing camera manufacturers with technology that brings high-end features to compact, palm-size consumer cameras."

Micron's new 5-megapixel HD image sensor (product number MT9P401) is designed specifically for hybrid cameras that offer excellent HD video and still images.

The sensor, which fits into a 1/2.5-inch optical format, is capable of capturing HD video at 60 frames per second (fps) in 720p (progressive) format.

For burst-mode the sensor snaps 15 still photos in rapid sequence, enabling consumers to capture the exact moment they intended.

The new sensor joins Micron's industry leading 8-megapixel sensor (product number MT9E001) that is now in mass production and its standard definition 5-megapixel sensor (product number MT9P001) that is currently designed into cameras on the market.

Targeted at digital consumer camcorder applications, Micron today also introduced a new HD video sensor (product number MT9M002) that captures 60 fps in 720p format and delivers excellent low noise performance.

The sensor works with long-range zoom lenses and was built using Micron's stunning 2.2-micron DigitalClarity(TM) pixel technology.

With a 1/4.5-inch optical format, the sensor enables camera manufacturers to design compact high-definition camcorders using smaller and lower cost lenses.

The sensor also has additional pixel area for image stabilization, which reduces the effect of shaky and blurred images typically caused by jittery hands or camera-shake.

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