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Memorex Ultra TravelDrive Serves Photographers On-The-Go

The Memorex Ultra TravelDrive is perfect for photo enthusiasts on the go. This compact, 2.5-inch portable hard drive delivers up to 160GB of capacity for storing photos and other data all in a device that fits easily in the palm of your hand and only weighs half a pound! Its USB interface ensures compatibility with virtually any desktop or laptop, whether Mac or PC, and a USB connection is the only power source required.

Additionally, users also can personalize the Ultra TravelDrive with interchangeable, nature-inspired color faceplates (orange, green, blue, silver, white), a unique twist for portable hard drives. For more visit

Also, the Memorex M-Flyer Pilot is the newest addition to the Memorex family of portable storage devices. This sleek USB flash drive features a retractable USB connector; aerodynamic styling; up to 4GB of capacity for storing photos, music and data; Migo security software; and ReadyBoost(tm) capabilities. Its available with 2GB of capacity in silver and blue, or 4GB of capacity in silver and red. Fore more visit: