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Lumiquest Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

New Braunfels, Texas, USA, May 1, 2007: It was May 1987 when LumiQuest® introduced its first product - The LumiQuest® Pocket Bouncer. Twenty years later the Pocket Bouncer is still the company’s top selling product for hand held flashes.

“As a result of my own needs as a professional photographer I often worked in office buildings and factories where lighting and/or lack of a ceiling (for bouncing light) was an issue. I needed a compact and effective bounce card,” said Quest Couch, CEO and designer of LumiQuest® products. “So, one night as I was preparing for a location shoot I took my Vivitar metal bounce bracket into my darkroom and covered the bounce surface with photographic paper to determine the actual pattern of light from my flash.”

The result was the creation of a white cardboard Pocket Bouncer which was both efficient and effective. While refinements have been made over the years, the Pocket Bouncers sold today bear the same basic shape of the original home made version. During the last 20 years LumiQuest® has introduced 24 products, has 30 Sales Representatives in the United States and distributes to over 45 countries.

Reflecting on the last 20 years, Couch stated, “We are fortunate that digital imaging continues to require softening the very sophisticated yet still harsh light of the new flashes. LumiQuest® products are as needed today as they were 20 years ago when I designed the original Pocket Bouncer.”