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Leica Announces Perpetual Upgrade Program

Leica Launches Perpetual Upgrade Program for M8

Leica photographers are a special breed of camera lover, who demand a camera that can spans generations. It is the aim of Leica Camera AG to keep on meeting these high expectations in the age of digital technology. Here at PMA, Leica introduced a perpetual upgrade program for the M8.

“While other digital cameras quickly become outdated and are replaced by newer models, our new concept extends the value retention that stands for the Leica brand. Over time, we will gradually offer new product features and developments as upgrade options,“ declares Steven K. Lee, CEO of Leica Camera AG. “We are confident that this is the right approach for ensuring customer satisfaction and allowing them to continue to sharpen their vision and refine their skills with the new digital LEICA M8.“

Leica’s upgrade concept offers each M8 owner the option of keeping the camera state-of-the-art by integrating new technological developments. The first upgrade package contains the fitting of a scratch-resistant sapphire glass LCD screen cover, as well as, a shutter that is quieter, one that is closer to a well-tuned classic analog Leica M.

From a technical point of view, all LEICA M8 rangefinder cameras that have ever been built are suitable for the upgrade. As the upgrade capacity of Leica Camera AG is limited, the certificates are only available in limited quantities and for a limited period. The camera owner always keeps his or her own M8, the serial number is not changed.

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