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Kenko's Full-Featured KFM-2100 Light Meter Designed for the Demands of the Pro

THK Photo Products, Inc. announces the KENKO KFM-2100 light meter, a robust, expertly designed and full-featured meter for the demands of professional photography. It’s ergonomic design and logical control layout will please photographers who want to concentrate on the subject, not their equipment.

The KFM-2100 will read ambient and flash light. For flash, the meter has settings for both cord and non-cord triggering.

An integrated spot meter makes spot readings in both ambient and flash modes fast and easy with no need to stop and add accessories.

Large, easy-to-read vertical LCD_that displays F No. values both numerically in 1/10 stop increments with large numbers and in a more common 1/3 stop increments on a vertical scale running up the long side of the LCD .

Excellent clear-view viewfinder with F No. read-out in the viewfinder to read reflected light without having to look away from the scene. Dioptric adjustments are built-into the viewfinder.

Advanced in-meter exposure evaluation tools

The KFM-2100 has an Exposure navigation system, allowing the photographer to easily confirm the exposure for each part of the subject or scene displayed on the LCD_to assist in determining the best exposure.

Useful in mixed flash/ambient lighting situations, the “Analyze” function can determine the ratio of ambient to flash light in a scene. This feature is very handy in scenes where a flash is being used to “open up” a shadowed area left by ambient (natural) light.

The meter’s “Calculation” function can be used to average measurements that have been stored in memory, very useful in reflected light measurements to capture highlight or shadow detail more accurately. The KFM -2100 has the ability to store up to 9 measurements that can be recalled for reference or for averaging. Just press the “M” button after each reading to store it in memory. If the memory reaches its maximum, it will delete the oldest reading to store the current information.

Latitude Display Function for film or digital, useful for scenes with a large brightness difference between light and dark areas.

Also newly released are the KFM1100 - Kenko Auto Meter and the KCM-3100- Kenko Color Temperature Meter. All three are scheduled to be on the market in late June or early July.