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Ilford Puts the Gloss Back in Digital Printing

Capturing an image and producing a stunning photograph as we see it in our mind's eye is a complex multi-step process. One has to consider shooting in the right light, correcting pallid skin tones and judging distance and composition among others things. The strive for perfection, however, does not end there. While it is possible to view and touch-up images with a computer, the choice of printers and photographic media are equally important to achieving optimal results.

With the ILFORD GALERIE range, specifically designed for professionals, the company has developed a product line that incorporates industry changes and printing advancements. The arrival in the marketplace of the latest range of 13" and 17" wide printers such as the Epson Stylus Pro 3800 (17"), a pigment based printer, the Canon Pro 9000 (13") and the HP8750 (13"), both dye based printers, have encouraged photographers and design professionals to look for a photo media that not only works with pigment inks but is also compatible with the latest dye technology.

ILFORD paid close attention to what the professionals were demanding and consequently produced its acclaimed GALERIE Smooth Gloss and Smooth Pearl in 13" x 19" and 17" x 22" sheets and 17" rolls, GALERIE Smooth High Gloss in 13" x 19" sheets and 17" rolls and its GALERIE Smooth Heavyweight Matt in 13" x 19" and 17" x 22" sheets only.

Recent demonstrations of the GALERIE media conducted on this new range of printers at this year's PMA led to unanimous agreement from professionals and semi-professionals alike; the images were quite simply stunning! Wedding photographers delighted in the results the ILFORD GALERIE Smooth High Gloss produced on the Canon Pro 9000, comparing it to a traditional ILFOCHROME image. Art and graphic designers appreciated the fact that they could now produce their own in-house storyboards or true size mock-ups without having to outsource their work to photo studios or laboratories.

Furthermore, ILFORD has made available some 1300 ICC profiles on its website. As a new printer arrives on the market, ILFORD ensures a corresponding profile is added. Simply select the printer and the GALERIE media in use and then download the profile from the ILFORD website,

The results are consistently impressive regardless of the printer.

"ILFORD is continually developing and refining new technologies to offer solutions to a range of home and business needs," said Andrew Stewart, Sales and Marketing Director, ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH. "With the arrival of new professional printers in the marketplace, the new range of ILFORD GALERIE media is ideal for fast and flexible printing in the photographic, fine art, proofing and graphics markets," he added.