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Ilford Launches Galerie Gold Fibre Silk Paper

Marly, Switzerland- Ilford holds the unique position of having a black and white photographic heritage that dates back to 1879 as well as being involved in digital inkjet imaging from its inception.

Its expertise in inkjet coating and ink technology is renowned in the industry, as Dai Jones, Managing Director, ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH, explains: "The evolution of analogue photography through its transition to digital inkjet printing is something in which ILFORD is proud to have been a major player from the outset. Today with the launch of an exciting new traditional paper for inkjet printing, ILFORD can rightly say that it knows how to create a true high quality photograph, by both analogue and digital means."

In line with the market transition from the darkroom to the digital arena, ILFORD set itself the benchmark of producing the equivalent of a classic air-dried, gloss, black and white fiber based silver image print using current inkjet digital technology. The product that meets this benchmark is now available in the GALERIE Brand Inkjet Line from Ilford and it is formally tagged as GALERIE GOLD Fibre Silk.

GALERIE GOLD Fibre Silk is a 310gsm inkjet media featuring a traditional barium sulfate (baryta) base. The baryta base enhances the media surface producing the creamy whites and velvety blacks that form part of the unique look and feel of a traditional fiber based print; the standard amongst art photographers worldwide. The media also produces real high definition images with an extended tonal range, making it a must for exhibition quality images, ranging from vivid color to dramatic black and whites.

The assembly is completed by a backing layer, which ensures that the final printed image has minimal curl. GALERIE GOLD has been specifically designed with no unnecessary additives in the media to guarantee the image lasts and lasts just like a traditional photo print.

"The optimum combination of base and coating, together with the media's excellent archival properties makes the GOLD Fibre Silk the perfect complement to the already Impressive ILFORD GALERIE Brand Professional Inkjet offering" said Tom Poudrier, Sales and Marketing Manager, OJI ILFORD USA and avid amateur photographer. "When used with pigment ink printers, such as Epson and Canon desktop or wide format models, the results are unbelievable." Poudrier further commented "The only difference between my Gold Fibre silk produced prints and my traditional dark room images is I now have more time to spend with my camera capturing, but don't tell my wife that."

Just as traditional silver halide photographs demonstrate, extreme emotions can be captured in an image through warm or cold tones. These same results can be produced digitally, and ILFORD has created specific recommendations on using filter factors to create 'digital toning'. Ranging from standard black and white, warm tone, cool tone and sepia to gold, selenium and blue, the only limit is the photographer's imagination. These filter factors together with custom ICC profiles are available for free on the website:

"For many years, ILFORD has aspired to create that certain look and feel of traditional fiber prints using the very latest in digital technology," said Tom Poudrier. "By combining the Gold Fibre Silk media that uses traditional photographic baryta base with currently available camera, software, printer and OEM ink formulation solutions available in the market today, we have finally managed to achieve that goal. We believe this product will take digital black and white photographic printing the final step from fine art "reproduction" to fine art "printing"."

ILFORD GALERIE GOLD Fibre Silk will be available from WYNIT throughout the USA and Canada from October 2007, in the following sizes:

q 8.5"x11", 13"x19", 17"x22" in 10 and 50 sheet packs

q 17", 24" and 44" wide (40' long) rolls

Founded in 1879, ILFORD is a leading player in the development and manufacture of photo quality media for both inkjet printing and color photographic processes. The ILFORD worldwide Digital Imaging and Color Photo businesses, including the R&D and manufacturing operations in Switzerland, have been owned by Oji Paper, Japan, since July 2005. ILFORD now operates as a fully owned subsidiary within Oji's Communications Paper Division, enabling the ILFORD capabilities to run all the way from raw paper through to the highly sophisticated product design and manufacturing processes incorporated in the end product made in Switzerland.

The ILFORD name is well established in the history of Imaging and today it continues to be associated with cutting edge technology thanks to its strong links to the photo imaging marketplace, R&D, technical know-how and manufacturing capabilities.

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Established in January of 2006, Oji ILFORD USA was incorporated to meet the demanding needs of the North American inkjet market. Oji ILFORD USA is responsible for the sales and marketing of all inkjet and related technology paper products to the North American market and its products are manufactured within the Communications Papers Division of the Oji Paper Group.

The manufacturers are made up of the Parent Company, Oji Paper Co. Ltd., ILFORD Imaging Switzerland and Kanzaki Specialty Papers. The Oji Paper Group companies comprise one of the largest surface coating companies in the world, enabling Oji ILFORD USA to have the most dynamic and complete product offering available in the market today. Oji ILFORD USA (OIUSA) key objective is to bring its clients a world of imaging choices.

WYNIT, Inc. a 19-year old company, is a leading national distributor of photographic, digital imaging, computer peripheral and consumer electronic products for personal and professional use that are sold to dealers throughout the United States.