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Ilford Announces New Distribution Routes for Ilfochrome, Ilfocolor Products

Ask a professional photographer what it takes to produce a stunning color photograph and the chances are that they will wistfully speak of Ilford Ilfochrome products. When Ilford was acquired by Oji Paper Group in 2005, rumors circulated that the move signified the end of the Ilfochrome's gold standard for print quality' era. Not so! ILFORD ILFOCHROME is still available and is better than ever thanks to its world renowned color saturation and archival properties, valued by curators, gallery owners and collectors alike.

Professional color products continue to be a strategic part of the ILFORD business and the company is committed to its future. "It was essential for ILFORD to establish the right distribution partner for the US and Canada considering the importance of the product," explained Andrew Stewart, Sales and Marketing Director, ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH. ILFORD has now established a dedicated US sales team via Oji ILFORD USA that is committed to supporting the ILFORD branded business in both markets. By joining forces with the US distributor WYNIT, ILFORD has created an exclusive distribution route that permits the shipment of products around the USA and Canada.

The ILFOCHROME process has long been acknowledged for producing bright, striking images from color positives due to the image-forming AZO dyes built into the paper - not in the process. These dyes are selectively bleached out during the developing process which ensures the colors stay as faithful to the original transparency as possible. The resulting image combines unmatched color rendition with sharpness and contrast, enabling fine art photographers to bring out a variety of subtle details which may otherwise have gone unnoticed to the untrained eye.

Until recently the appeal has always been the exceptional beauty and longevity of ILFOCHROME but today there is another reason for its staying power; ILFOCHROME partners perfectly with digital photography. ILFOCHROME prints are most often made from digital files as, to the surprise of some people, the product works very well in a digital work flow. The key lies in the fact that it is one product that can be used both in analogue and digital processes; indeed the media exposed through digital systems, such as the Oce' Lightjet or Durst Lambda, produces the ultimate in quality color images.

ILFOCOLOR provides the most convenient way for producing quality prints from digital files or color negatives. Utilizing the standard RA4 color print process, ILFOCOLOR is optimized for digital exposure where high quality photographic materials are a MUST! ILFOCOLOR features excellent dye stability, suitable for all commercial applications where photographic output is used. ILFOCHROME and ILFOCOLOR products are available on a high gloss white film base for front-lit applications, and transparent and translucent film bases for back-lit displays.