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DYMO DiscPainter To Be Available By July 2007

June 2007---The new DYMO DiscPainter™ is an ideal solution for those who work or play in the visual media. Affordable and user-friendly, the CD and DVD printer quickly prints high resolution images directly onto a disc, from outer edge to inner hub in full color. Features include:

Patented technology that prints up to 1200 dpi, full color images in approximately three minutes; prints 600 dip images in about one minute “Fast mode” option that completes printing in 40 seconds Whether printing matte or glossy CDs or DVDs, delivers precise results with nine ink density settings Discus for DYMO software includes a host of ready-made canvases for easy disc design The software features a photo collage tool allowing users to create a design using up to 16 photos.

Ability to print images from design programs like Adobe Photoshop®, Illustrator®, InDesign®, QuartXpress® and SureThing™ Mac and PC compatible Patented RadialPrint™ printing technology that prints directly on to the disc as it spins DiscPainter uses a single-cartridge ink system and prints approximately 100 discs, including mini-discs, before the ink cartridge needs replacement. Multiple quantities of discs can be printed at once, with an indicator beep signaling when the next disc should be loaded.

Through its partnership with Imation and Memorex, DiscPainter comes packaged with 3 inkjet printable discs. It also comes with a USB 2.0, AC power supply.


Available through direct and IT channels, such as and CDW, by July, 2007 Estimated Street Price: $279