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Chris Rainier Sheds Light on Global Photographic Challenges
Kingston Technology Co.

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Jan. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, announced that renowned documentary and National Geographic photographer Chris Rainier has shared new tips for lighting under less-than-ideal conditions at Kingston's 'Icons of Photography' Web site. In this month's tip, Rainier tackles illumination challenges he has faced in exotic locations and explains how his lighting solutions can be applied a little closer to home.


From Papua, New Guinea to the forests of Borneo, Rainier's life mission has been to document the disappearing cultures and tribes remaining on the planet. His photographs have appeared in Life, Time, National Geographic, The New York Times and publications for Amnesty International. Regarded for his dramatic black-and-white imagery of man and nature, Rainier has learned to make the most of Mother Nature's light, but when the sun is not shining, he reaches for supplemental lighting from his field bag.

"One of the biggest things my work is known for is the way I use studio lighting out in the field," said Rainier. "Yet most of the work I do is shot under extreme outdoor environments and I rarely have the luxury of perfect natural lighting. In the dense jungles of New Guinea or Uganda , or along the barren ice floes of Antarctica, you're not going to get the natural light you need so why not create your own? Experimenting and learning are essential."

Kingston recognizes the importance of educating and informing photographers of all levels and offers 'Icons of Photography,' an online forum highlighting the talents and advice from the world's most respected lens artists. Each month the program spotlights an Icon and includes their suggestions for better lighting, managing image files, improving workflow, and even techniques for getting the most from camera and gear. Tips suitable for enthusiast through pro photographers are revealed in a 'try it yourself' format.

"Like many other Kingston Icons, Rainier knows that digital is a wonderful medium for experimentation," said Jaja Lin, Flash product marketing manager, Kingston. "We are pleased to be able to support Rainier's work and share his knowledge with our customers. For a photographer, learning from others is a wonderful way to stay current with technology and trends."

Around the 15th of each month, Kingston profiles a photographer, their tips, a gallery of images, event calendar and biography. Site visitors can read more at Other Kingston 'Icons of Photography'include: Harry Benson , Barbara Bordnick, Colin Finlay , Douglas Kirkland , Gerd Ludwig and Peter Read Miller.

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