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AlienBees Introduces Newest Addition to Galaxy-Illuminating Flash
Press Release

AlienBees, a division of Paul C. Buff, Inc., introduces the newest addition to our powerful line of galaxy-illuminating flash units, the new ABR800 AlienBees Professional Studio Ringflash System. Having manufactured and directly sold professional photographic flash units and accessories since 2001, the company presented the latest expansion to the flash unit line.

The ABR800 Ringflash is a highly evolved, self-contained ringflash system designed to meet the challenges of the new-generation creative professional photographer. It is extremely compact, lightweight (2.5 pounds!) and easy to use. With its built-in power supply and modeling lamp system, the ABR800 need only be plugged into a standard 120 Vac outlet no power pack is required. At 320 high-efficiency real wattseconds, the ABR800 is powerful enough to achieve f11 to f22 exposures in most studio uses while its 5 f-stop variable power range allows it to be dialed down for low-aperture shots where limited depth of field is desired. Standard AlienBees controls allow full remote control capability, slave-syncing, modeling lamp control and more.

The ABR800 ships with a universal camera mounting system that supports virtually all popular digital SLR and prosumer cameras and allows for handheld, tripod or swivel light stand mounting. Also standard are the removable head cover / diffuser / gel holder, the 80 flat-field reflector, the user-replaceable flashtubes and modeling lamps, the necessary power and sync cords and well as a concentric umbrella holder for off-camera use.

The innovative design of the ABR800 allows us to offer various accessories that are specifically designed for use with a ringflash, including a 20 honeycomb grid, a set of warming and diffusion filters and the new 30-inch Moon Unit. The Moon Unit is an extremely shallow, circular softbox that you can aim the camera through to produce a precisely round circle of light with surprisingly even illumination.

The ABR800 / Moon Unit weighs less than three pounds and may be easily handheld for action fashion shooting, or mounted on a tripod or light stand. No other portable ringflash can achieve the big round catchlights and large-source beauty dish effects that are so desired. Because of its miniscule depth and weight, the Moon Unit will become an instant favorite even away from the camera in tight quarters that don't allow for the typical 3-foot depth and much greater weight of conventional softboxes. Adding the new Moon Unit Mask Set allows the user to alter the shape of the light to become a giant ring, stars, half-moons, a sunburst, clouds and a host of other shapes including custom creations.

The new ABR800 AlienBees Ringflash is available from AlienBees, made in the USA and sold factory direct from the headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.