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3M Graphic Film for Textured Surfaces Opens Up Unused Real Estate

Many stadiums, arenas, restaurants and retail spaces have hundreds of square feet of potential display space that's unusable because it consists of rough textured surfaces such as concrete block, brick, tile, poured concrete or stucco. 3M's new 3M Scotchcal Graphic Film for Textured Surfaces IJ8624 with 3M Scotchcal Luster Overlaminate 8524 can open up all that unused but valuable real estate.

This patent-pending conformable graphic solution can be molded to rough surfaces to create crisp, digitally-printed images that inform, promote or generate revenue. In addition to adding visual interest to most textured surfaces, the film permits unlimited images sizes and shapes.

The film's adhesive provides excellent adhesion to most indoor and outdoor painted block, brick, stucco, tile or similar surfaces when properly applied. Its colored adhesive also effectively hides the original wall color and may be removed with heat.

In addition to this solvent film for inkjet printing, film8624E is available for electrostatic printing.

3M has developed special application tools and methods for use with this solution. The 3M Textured Surface Applicator TSA-1 for large surfaces is critical for achieving proper adhesion. These tool is available, along with film IJ8624, 8624ES and overlaminate 8524, at 3M distributors.

3M will also provide nationwide installation seminars for this film and laminate. For installation training, contact a 3M sales representative or distributor.

According to 3M, graphics created with films 8624 and overlaminate 8524 are easy to clean and can be produced in a wide-variety of image options from block color to full photographic reproduction.

"This revolutionary new solution enables stadium, arena, retail and restaurant management to maximize display and promotional opportunities with consistent, eye-popping images without the limitations associated with paint. Wherever there is a rough wall or surface, there is an opportunity," said Tim Boxeth, 3M product marketing supervisor.