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Smith Micro Announces StuffIt Image
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ALISO VIEJO, Calif., April 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Smith Micro Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: SMSI) announces StuffIt(R) Image, an evolving set of technologies designed to handle multiple image formats including JPEGs RAW files, and medical images.

One of StuffIt Image's key technologies is our patent pending JPEG compression method that is able to reduce the size of JPEG images by an average of between 20 and 30 percent. Existing JPEG compression solutions have all taken the approach of shrinking the size of JPEG files by further reducing the quality of the image, only StuffIt Image can reduce the file size of a JPEG without further degrading picture clarity. StuffIt's JPEG compression is a true lossless compression technique; images compressed and expanded by StuffIt can be seen to be identical copies of the original -- pixel for pixel and byte for byte.

As the resolution of today's cameras continues to increase, the size of the JPEG images created has also continued to grow. StuffIt Image offers camera manufactures a way to maximize the memory real estate of their camera. A StuffIt Image enabled device allows more high quality images to be saved within the same memory footprint. In effect, allowing camera vendors to add up to 30% additional storage to their device without the cost of additional memory.

For the photo sharing market that stores million of images, StuffIt Image allows them to maximize their server infrastructure and network bandwidth. StuffIt Image is an evolving set of technologies designed to handle not just photos but multiple image formats from JPEGs images to medical images.

StuffIt Image also includes unique technologies for the compression of full quality 24bit images. As a point of comparison, the new StuffIt Image Format (SIF) is able to store the same image information as an equivalent TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) in a file that is 50% smaller in size. StuffIt is also able to offer a solution for the compression of camera RAW files.

In addition to compression, StuffIt Image also offers strong encryption and password protection. The ability to encrypt the images stored on a device provides an extra layer of security that will become increasingly important as more cameras start to add Wi-Fi and other wireless capabilities. With a StuffIt Image enabled device, while an intruder may be able to steal the physical memory card, the intellectual property stored on that media remains encrypted and inaccessible.

"Like our StuffIt(R) Wireless compression solution for the mobility market, we believe that StuffIt Image offers camera manufactures and the imaging marketplace unique solution," said Jonathan Kahn, Senior Vice President at Smith Micro. "Helping solve the problem created by the desire to use, send and access higher quality images."

To learn more about StuffIt Image visit to download the StuffIt Image white paper or visit our booth at CTIA Wireless 2006 Booth 4455. For licensing opportunities contact

About Smith Micro Software:

Smith Micro Software, Inc., headquartered in Aliso Viejo, CA, is a developer and marketer of wireless communication, broadband and utility software products for multiple OS platforms. The company designs integrated cross platform, easy-to-use software for personal computing and business solutions around the world. With a focus on Wireless and Broadband technologies and the Internet, the company's products and services enable wireless communications, file and image compression, eCommerce, eBusiness, Internet communications (voice-over-IP), video conferencing, and traditional computer telephony. The Consumer division develops and publishes award-winning software solutions for Windows and Macintosh, empowering users in the areas of information access, removal, recovery, security, and Internet distribution. Our leading brands are QuickLink(R), StuffIt(R), Internet Cleanup(TM) and Spring Cleaning(R). Smith Micro's complete line of products are available primarily online at the company's websites, direct from our enterprise group, retailers, and through original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Smith Micro's common stock trades on The Nasdaq Stock Market(R) under the symbol SMSI. For more information, contact Smith Micro at (949) 362-5800.

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