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Sharpics Announces a New Line of Signature Monopods
Providing The Complete Solution for Taking Professional Photos Quick and Easy with the D-Flector Portable Studio Now Available in Four Sizes
Press Release

San Diego, CA August 3, 2006 -- Sharpics, Inc. creator of the D-Flector Portable Photography Studio announces their newest product line of Sharpics Signature Monopods. In addition, because of the demand for the product Sharpics has introduced three new sizes of portable photo studios in addition to the current one. Now, you can take photos of everything from Limoge boxes on the Mini D-Flector to poodle puppies on the Mega D-Flector.

The D-Flector studio was extremely popular but we started getting request for different sizes. In addition we found that more and more people wanted a table top solution so we did our due diligence and saw there was a lack of good affordable monopods in the marketplace and decided to create one, states Danica Mazon, Co-Founder of Sharpics, Inc. The majority of professional monopods in the marketplace were well over the $100.00 price point. Our goal was to introduce a quality monopod for under $50.00, further explains Mazon.

It made sense to be able to offer our customers a variety of D-Flectors . and produce our own monopod. Our goal was to create a quality lightweight professional product at an affordable price, states Mazon. A Sharpics' Tabletop Monopod is a perfect companion for your personal photo studio in the home or office.  The unique part is that it attaches to any tabletop up to 2-1/2 inches thick saving you floor space and providing ample leg room to work. No more inconvenient tripod legs. Product photos can now be done on a desk or table top quick, easy and affordably. It's the perfect solution for professionals and enthusiasts alike. A great accessory for any digital camera.

Blurry images can result without a stable platform and may be undetected through the camera's small LCD screen.  A tabletop monopod makes a perfect companion for product photography to get the sharpest picture possible. This monopod has a 3-way panhead and ball & socket joint that clamps to any table up to 2-1/2 inches thick. No more tripping over tripod legs! 

The majority of professional monopods in the market place were well over the $100 price point. We were able to create a quality product for under $50.00. Now, professional photography is affordable for everyone who owns a digital camera.

The D-Flector Portable Photography Studio is now available in four convenient, lightweight and portable sizes. The solutions for flash product photography continue to increase with the introduction of the Sharpics Monopod.

"Mini" D-Flector is 18Wx28 curved length. This is the smallest and most economical photo studio specifically designed for small items such as model trains, coins, collectibles, CD/DVDs, bracelets, and watches. Retails for $89.99.

"Original" D-Flector is 24Wx35 curved length. This is the best seller and perfect for mobile electronics, books, dolls/bears, collectibles, and antiques. R etails for $129.99.

"Large" D-Flector is 30Wx41 curved length. This is the most sought-after model that covers larger items such as electronics, toys, footwear, handbags, novelties, and handheld tools. Retails for $159.99.

"MEGA" D-Flector is 36Wx46 curved length. This is the largest photo studio yet small enough to fit a tabletop.  The "MEGA" D-Flector can be used for most items such as furniture, pottery, clothing, and even small pets. Retails for $199.99

Sharpic's Signature Tabletop Monopod is of professional quality, lightweight and easy to store. Retails for $49.99

In 2005, over 20.5 million digital cameras were sold as opposed to 4.3 million film cameras. The D-Flector Portable Photo Studio was invented by photography enthusiasts and Sharpics Co-Founders, Jeff and Danica Mazon. Sharpics, Inc. was created to develop products that improve the quality of digital photography making it easy and affordable to get the best photography results possible

Orders are typically processed in 48 hours and standard delivery is 5 to 10 days within the continental USA . Order now at , or (858) 780-0072.

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About Sharpics Sharpics Inc. is a privately owned company headquartered in San Diego , CA .  Sharpics is dedicated to providing solutions for the digital photography industry.