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SeeFile Software To Put Video and Animation on the Web at Siggraph
Press Release

--New software being released at Siggraph 2006 brings instant access to video and animation

--Video serving from your computer - no uploads or hosting

--Reduces or eliminates need for delivery of DVD or DV tapes via courier

--Affordable entry price now only $399 for software only, $549 and up with hardware

--Preview support for QuickTime, AVI and Adobe/Macromedia Flash files

--For more information visit or call their Boston headquarters at 617-262-2464

Boston, MA July 31, 2006 -- At the Siggraph 2006 Conference in Boston (booth 2629), Seefile Software LLC is unveiling new software that supports video and web animation file formats in addition to the photo and print formats previously supported. SeeFile's product for photo and print media has been praised in recent reviews by Seybold and Studio Photography and Design magazines, and was rated best of Show at the PMA 2005 conference by Shutterbug Magazine. The new 2.5 release adds video and Flash support, plus a number of additional features, and is being offered in new low-priced configurations for as little as $399, or $549 bundled with Mac hardware. An unlimited-user license for SeeFile 2.5, for corporate applications, is priced at $3,995.

Seefile has already allowed photographers, printers and graphic designers to simply save files to folders on their hard disk for clients to view and comment on. Now, the same capabilities are available to web designers, animators, videographers and filmmakers. Video clips, animations and dailies can be saved directly to a system running SeeFile, then viewed remotely and securely from any PC or Mac running a standard web browser from locations around the world.

While these kinds of capabilities have been offered by a few large hosted sites such as YouTube and Flickr, they have required users to upload their files to a server outside their control. While this may be practical for short clips or small numbers of files, the revolution in digital capture and synthesis means that ever-larger files are being generated, in ever-larger quantities. By working directly off the user's hard disk, SeeFile skips the upload step and gives direct control over file versioning and delivery to clients. Traditional methods of delivery like writing DVDs or DV tapes for rush shipment can now be reduced dramatically or even eliminated outright.

Sam Bogoch, CEO of SeeFile, added "we're really helping videographers, filmmakers and animators improve the speed and quality of their communications with colleagues". SeeFile 2.5 automatically generates previews for QuickTime, AVI, Flash, RAW, JPEG, PDF and TIFF files.

Affordable New Mac Hardware Bundles...

SeeFile and its dealers worldwide are pre-installing the software on G4 and Intel Mac hardware.

Bundles range from $549 for SeeFile 5-user version preinstalled on a refurbished G4 tower, to $1,149 for the same software preinstalled on the latest dual-core Mac mini with Gigabit Ethernet.