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New Artistry Retreat, Workshops and Tutorial
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Karen Sperling, who wrote the original Corel Painter manuals, in addition to several Painter books, and who has taught and demo'd Painter since the program's debut 15 years ago, is pleased to present several classes and tutorials to help photographers to turn photos into paintings using Corel Painter IX.5.

First up is an Artistry Corel Painter Retreat in Los Angeles, July 18-20, 2006, where photographers will learn both the art concepts and Painter steps for turning photos into paintings, benefitting from Karen's 15 years of experience as a leading Painter expert. The Artistry Retreat is for the photographer who wants to paint in Painter and to learn to create both portraits and landscapes with painterly brush strokes that emulate the looks of watercolors, oils and pastels.

Then Veteran Painter Authorities Karen Sperling and Laurence Gartel team up to teach Artistry Corel Painter Portraits for Profits Workshops from August 1-4, 2006 in New York City and from August 28-31, 2006 in southern California.

For the first two days of the workshop, Karen Sperling shows photographers the Painter IX.5 brushes and tools and the art concepts, like how to choose colors, to quickly create painted portraits from their photos. Then for the following two days, Digital Media Artist Laurence Gartel reveals his Painter and Photoshop portrait-collaging secrets, cultivated over his 30-year career as a commissioned illustrator and internationally exhibited fine artist.

"If time is money, then doing portraits quickly is more profitable, and that's the idea for the Artistry Corel Painter Portraits for Profits Workshops," says Karen Sperling.

For those who are unable to attend the Artistry Retreats and Workshops, Karen writes and illustrates Artistry Tips and Tricks, a monthly e-zine containing step-by-step instructions and images for turning photos into paintings in Painter.

The April 2006 issue, with information for painting in the style of Pino Daeni, and the May 2006 issue, containing Painter steps and art concepts to use the Painter IX.5 shortcut palettes to turn photos into paintings the right way, have been especially popular.

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Contact Karen Sperling at or 818-981-2803.