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International Competition Illuminates Sports Photography

SANTA MONICA, Calif., April 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Commitment, passion anddaring are qualities necessary to persevere in action and adventure sports --and, they are the required elements to effectively capture the action on film.Beginning today, Red Bull Illume Image Quest will spotlight the individualbehind the camera, praising the triumphs achieved in action and adventuresports photography.

Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2006 is the first-ever internationalphotography competition that celebrates the world of action and adventure sports, inviting both professional and talented emerging photographers toparticipate. The quest will honor the unique expression and skill of thephotographer, as well as the spirit of the action sports community. The top50 finalists will have their work exhibited in larger-than-life outdoor venuesacross the globe, providing the most dramatic compilation of action andadventure sports imagery ever assembled. The 'Image of the Year' winner willbe commissioned for the photo shoot of a lifetime with a Red Bull athlete ofthe winner's choice.

A skilled panel of image experts from the action sports world, lifestylepublications, and representatives from the design and photography industrieswill serve as contest judges. Photo editors from National GeographicAdventure, Surfer Magazine, Men's Journal, The Skateboard Mag., Women'sHealth, Transworld Surf, Powder, Sports Illustrated, Bike, and others areamong the 50 specialized individuals who will decide which photos stand abovethe rest.

Photography plays a crucial role in action sports. Dave Reddick , creativedirector for Powder and Bike Magazines, speaks about the emotional powerimagery has in these unique sports, "The most memorable images are the onesthat capture the raw moments. It could be the silhouette of a skier carryingalpine equipment in a moody environment, or a few mud covered mountain bikersafter a grueling ride. Photos speak to your core about why you love thissport so much."

Images can be submitted through, now through July 15, 2006 . The quest will culminate in a picture perfect exhibitionopening in November, unveiling the 50 finalists and kicking off the world-widetour of the images.

Categories for submission include: Wings -- Capturing the point in a performance in which the athlete takes flight, catches air, free falls, soars, and/or jumps. Playground -- Showcasing the landscapes, locations, platforms and environments in which athletes play. New Creativity -- Revealing a unique angle, a visual idea, a different format, light and flash effects: something never seen before. Lifestyle -- Representing what happens before, between and after the action, that capture the camaraderie, the coaching, and the training that comprise the world around a sport. Spirit -- Portraying the raw human emotion, energy, aura, spirit, expression, inner focus, and personality brought out through an athletic performance. Energy -- Demonstrating the force that powers an action and shows the energy, speed and strength required for an athlete to perform. Close-up -- Showing extreme detail of some aspect of an athletic feat: a full body tight shot of the action, the equipment, the body, the face, etc. Sequence -- Telling the whole story in a single frame and capturing the progression of an action at every stage. Experimental -- Enhancing images digitally or in the darkroom, or making alterations in the production or digital editing process. Illumination -- Bring to life artistic skill, a personal best, unique style: anything goes within the context of action and adventure sports. THE BIG PICTURE

Established professional and talented emerging photographers are invitedto submit their best action and adventure sports images.

Images must be submitted between April 15, 2006 and July 15, 2006 .Entrants may submit up to three photographs in each of the 10 categories.Photos must have been taken after June 1st, 2004 . All photos must besubmitted digitally through the official Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2006website. For complete rules and regulations visit

Official contest judges will determine the five finalists in each of theten categories. Awards will be given to the winner in each category as well asto the winners of the People's Choice, the Athlete's Choice and the Red BullIllume Image Quest Image of the Year. The judging will take place in August,2006.

The 50 finalists will join judges, heroes of sport and special guests atthe exhibit opening to take place in November, 2006. The evening will unveilthe 50 finalist images as well as kick off the international tour. The topfive images in each category will vie for first place honors at the launchexhibition. The 50 finalist photographs will be exhibited in spectacularoutdoor venues across the globe.

For more information, please contact Josh Kendrick or 310-460-5254 and visit www.redbullillume.comfor all details.


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