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Fotonation wins "Chip Shop Award"
FotoNation Wins For Innovative Technology of Benefit to the Whole Digital Photographic Industry
Press Release

April 21, 2006, Burlingame, CA --FotoNation Inc., one of the world's leading imaging and connectivity solutions companies for the digital photography industry, announced today that it has won John Henshall's 2006 “Chip Shop Award” for Innovative Technology of Benefit to the Whole Digital Photographic Industry.

John Henshall, digital imaging veteran and The Photographer Chip Shop Columnist, presented FotoNation with the 2006 “Chip Shop Award” because of the company's leading position in the digital imaging industry in the development of in-camera technologies, including FotoNation's wireless PTP-IP standard, Face Tracker, UWB, Red-Eye Removal and Dust Removal technologies. FotoNation has its main office in Burlingame, California; its core R&D center in Galway, Ireland, where it employs 25 people; and 11 engineers headquartered in Bucharest, Romania.

FotoNation New In-Camera Technology

FotoNation recently introduced its wireless Connected Photography ® technology, providing the ability to take photos from a wireless-enabled digital camera and then immediately wirelessly transfer these images to a kiosk or other device for saving and printing. CIPA (Japanese Camera and Imaging Products Association); camera manufacturers, such as Canon and Kodak; and Microsoft have all adopted FotoNation's wireless connectivity standard, known as PTP/IP (Picture transfer Protocol over Internet Protocol Networks).

Additional up and coming new products from FotoNation include innovative digital imaging technologies demonstrated at PMA 2006, such as Face Tracker,” an advanced face tracking algorithm embedded in a digital camera's firmware that uses a radically new approach to identify and lock onto human faces in the camera's preview image, tracking them as they move around within the frame to provide optimum focus, exposure and skin tones. Other FotoNation technologies include the world's first built-in camera module based on UWB (for which FotoNation won the 2006 DIMA Innovative Product Award); and technologies for in-camera Red-Eye Removal (winner of the coveted 2006 European IST prize) and Dust Removal .

“ FotoNation richly deserves this award for its years of innovative technology that have benefited the digital photographic industry as a whole,” said John Henshall. “Over the past three years, I have witnessed FotoNation's quite tremendous impact on the evolution of the digital photography industry.”

“FotoNation is honored that it has been chosen to receive John Henshall's Chip Shop Award 2006 for its innovative technology designed to empower the digital photography industry, especially as John Henshall's Chip Shop is recognized as one of the worlds most authoritative and longest running columns in digital imaging, ” said Eran Steinberg, CEO, FotoNation.