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Center Celebrates 2 Years
Press Release

The Digital Technology Centre located in Sarasota, Fla. will celebrate their two-year anniversary in spring 2007. The center, run by president and founder Jon Novosielski and Connie Keen, specializes in photography, graphic design, digital fine art and video.

The courses run from three hours to multi-day sessions and cover skill levels ranging from entry level to professional.

Photographers who have taught or will be teaching again at the Centre include Monte Zucker, Eddie Tapp, Greg Gorman, Jack Davis, John Paul Caponigro, Jane Conner-Ziser, Marilyn Sholin, Deborah and Rick Ferro, Marilyn Sholin and Vincent Versace.

The Digital Technology Centre portrait studio and space is available for rent. For more information call (941) 894-0362 or visit us online at: