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$50,000 Worldwide Video Competition Launched
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Concerned about the huge number of digital photos taken but never printed, the Photo Imaging Council of Australia has launched an international appeal for the most ingenious short video that highlights the perils of not printing your photos.

Only 20% of the billions of photos taken are ever printed and now the Photo Imaging Council has pledged 50,000 Australian dollars prize money for the best mini video that highlights the need to print digital photos.

Entries need to be between 10 and 90 seconds duration and must be received by Sunday, 14th May, 2006. The Council's aim is to have circulating a video clip that will be so engaging and humorous that people will want to email it to each other to share the joke.

“We want a mini video clip that will make people laugh while getting the message across that photos are not safe on computer hard drives. Even CDs are easily scratched and there is no doubt the safest way of being able to find your photos are to have them printed,” says Paul Curtis, Executive Director of the Photo Imaging Council of Australia.

“It really is a case of print it or risk losing it,” says Mr. Curtis.

The competition is open to anyone in the world and full details are at

Full Entry Details for Smarties” International Quick Flick Video Competition

WIN $50,000 (Australian dollars) using Your Wit and Video Ingenuity, in any currency, that's Megabucks!

(That's heaps and heaps of lire, or, if you're a U.S citizen, enough to buy a flashy new car plus a years supply of beer sufficient for two thirsty baseball teams).


You just have to create a super short video: between 10 and 90 seconds. Simple? Yep! Just one snag: it's got to be better than any one else's in the world! All you need is talent, imagination, humor and a desire to have a go. It will save time if you also have access to a video camera, see the conditions in small print.


Maybe you're a big time advertising agent lounging around in your office green room pondering your client's time sheet when you have the BIG IDEA!

You call in your top copywriter, summon your head of film and production and get the best producer in town!

Or you could be sitting on the back porch in the old rocking chair, when Kaboom, the BIG IDEA Hit's you and you leap the fence next door to borrow your neighbor's video camera. Equality at last! Hallelujah.


Okay, we'll cut to the chase. Here's the brief. Problem is since digital still cameras took over from the old film models, 80% of people do not get around to printing out their digital photos. Instead, they leave them on computer hard drives and on camera phones. Next thing they know, maybe two, three, four years later, they can't find those images anymore. Hard drives crash, CD's scratch and before you know it, what have you got? Nothing! Just blank pages in the family photo album!

Now friends and neighbors may think that's a bit of a relief, but your grandchildren are likely to be less than impressed! After all, there goes your family history. If you don't print it, you'll lose it!

Now that's the message we want to get across in anything from 15-90 seconds. Or a few seconds more (if you really need it). We want you to create such a BUZZ that folks will be emailing it to each other around the world just for a good laugh.

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