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PMA 2006
Simple Star Launches New PhotoShow Print & Share
Lets Customers Easily Download, Organize, Enhance, and Order Prints and Merchandise
Press Release

ORLANDO, Fla. --(Business Wire)-- Feb. 27, 2006 Simple Star, creator of award-winning PhotoShow software and services, announced today the launch of PhotoShow Print & Share at the PMA 2006 International Tradeshow and Convention. This new addition to PhotoShow lets customers from partner retailers manage and enhance their photos and order prints, PhotoShow DVDs and other merchandise, which will help increase each retailer's bottom line and brand presence. PhotoShow Print & Share is the first new Simple Star product to be developed as a result of the acquisition of Our Pictures, Inc. in September 2005.

"PhotoShow Print & Share gives retailers a powerful new way to offer customers exciting options for enhancing, printing and sharing their photos," said Chad Richard, Simple Star Chief Executive Officer. "And, customers bring new customers with them every time they share their photo memories with friends and family."

Print & Share Increases Retailers' Bottom Line

With just a few mouse clicks, customers can send their photos to one of Simple Star's photofinishing retailer partners for neighborhood printing and pick-up, often in less than an hour. This approach makes reprint and enlargements orders both convenient and satisfying. The easier it is for customers to print and share their treasured photos and memories, the more opportunities retailers have to increase their bottom line.

Extending the Brand

Simple Star will create a custom branded version of PhotoShow Print & Share for each retail partner. Each version will quickly differentiate each retailer from competitors' browser-based photo web sites. As a Windows application, Print & Share is faster, easier and more powerful than any Web-based photo site. Any time a customer wants to work with their photos, Print & Share shows only that retail partner's store and mail order options. Retailers can coordinate in-product promotions and discounts with brick and mortar advertising to enhance promotional campaign effectiveness.

All the Features Customers Need

PhotoShow Print & Share is the easy, all in one, photo storytelling environment for new digital consumers. Print & Share makes it easy to import and organize photos, touch them up with powerful tools for correcting red eye, exposure and other issues, as well as adding effects such as black and white conversion and sepia tone.

Instead of just viewing static pictures, customers can create and share PhotoShows, the most fun and entertaining way available to bring their memories to life with photos, music and video. By selecting a One-Click Style, customers can quickly create themed PhotoShows for showing off their recent vacation or new baby, then share these PhotoShows with family and friends, or order a DVD for enjoyment on TV.

With Print & Share, customers can also order photo books, calendars, mugs and t-shirts -- and pick them up at whichever store site is most convenient. Offering PhotoShow DVDs gives retailers another high-margin SKU to sell to both customers and recipients of shared PhotoShows and pictures.

Viewing Feature Adds to the Customer Experience

The Viewer is an easy-to-use application that helps photo retailers transition film customers to digital. Viewer runs directly from a photofinisher's CD-ROM without requiring installation and lets customers look at pictures either individually or in a PhotoShow. If customers choose to order prints or gifts, or share PhotoShows at a later time, Viewer will automatically load Print & Share onto the customer's computer.

Backup and Recovery Gives Peace of Mind

PhotoShow Print & Share's premium service includes PictureSafe, a Simple Star offering that gives customers peace of mind that their photos are safe from accidental deletion, hard drive crash or home disaster. When customers import photos into Print & Share, PictureSafe automatically uploads them to Simple Star's server to create a duplicate copy.